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  1. Well, I'm out of the running. I have to be at work ridiculously early tomorrow, so I will be heading to bed by the time the festivities begin. I will miss you all!
  2. I think that if I were a tattoo person, I'd get something to the effect of, "Did you save again?" tattooed on my arm. Mass Effect nearly killed me- I had to redo ALL of Noveria on my first playthrough, thanks to some serious freezing. Needless to say, for all of my other RPG's, I save about every 5 min. I think the only thing making me comfortable with the sheer scope of Dragon Age is the fact that I was given the strat guide for Christmas. I never would have bought it myself, but it has actually made the game seem like I could possibly finish it before 2012.
  3. Sign me up, I can't miss a chance to play with you guys.
  4. That was so much fun...Somehow I managed to play for 5 hours. I think that means that I have no life, but whatever.
  5. If that was a ralley call, I'm in too. I'll be around, messing with dragon age.
  6. Pick me! I'll be stealing my parents internet connection, so perhaps I won't get booted so much.
  7. Sign me up! Unless I have to be at work ridiculously early on the 27th, I should be fine.
  8. I wonder how long I'd last on hardcore... You know what? I don't ever want to find out.
  9. Anyone willing to host a second room?
  10. Since I bought L4D2 on Black Friday, and I haven't even cracked the packaging open, I figured I'd put this out there and see if anyone wants to help me through a campaign or two. L4D2, Friday (12-: All CAG members Who is hosting: Violetred3 How to sign up: Just reply to this post to sign up (or drop out) Sign-up List: -Violetred3 (host) -Manek Man (maybe) -M4gNum PI -ICheetahI -MUjedi -islandarts With 6, we can do 2 rooms of 3- provided someone is willing to host the 2nd room. If we get a couple more, we won't have to deal with AI...Message me if you want to host the second room!
  11. So I guess you wouldn't approve of the Christmas present that I'm making for my best friend, then...Bacon sea salt caramels. It may just be because I'm a recovering fat kid, but I've yet to meet a pork product I didn't like. Chicharrones, anyone?
  12. Wah wah waaaaaah. ...there must be a better way to type that, I just haven't figured it out yet. Seriously though? *sniff* I just love you guys! (Imagine me dramatically brushing a tear away.) Go team *insert name here*!
  13. Gamer Tag: Violetred3 Day of the week or specific date available: Any time that I'm on and not watching a movie Time available: completely and utterly random. Missions looking to play: Any Difficulty you want to play on: Any, but it would be nice to NOT start out on Veteran... Willing to be host: Yes
  14. What with my fixed router and new tv, I am so ready...
  15. Just got it today, along with my new tv! We're going to have to set up a match now, guys.