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  1. @deeoutdat7 @HeavyHitter55 @SitnHereFlossin @dazzo0007 @tjspeaks @dazzo47 @MightyRx @aquickassasin brethrens I did it finally!! Lol
  2. Great I go try again
  3. Ok here it is the Seahawks Roster
  4. Hold on sorry for the trouble guys it keeps loading my mess ups!
  5. @deeoutdat7
  6. Not a good roster ignore please
  7. Ignore this Roster
  8. @deeoutdat7 what day and time are you available this week to play I'm available everyday after 5pm
  9. Yessir
  10. I work hard play hard for this I bleed for this game I love this game I am DETERMINED to be CHAMPION!!! #MastertheleagueisMINE!!! #BELIEVETHAT!!
  11. Yo what's up guys! Just letting you guys now we're starting a 127 hex league (which is hex at the highest so everyone at the same level (Fair games like CAG) starting on New year's when the leaderboards reset and will play 20 week Season play everyone twice and you play twice a week so that's 4 games a week if you do them in double headers if you can make teams because you don't have the hex editor let me or some guys that do know and will make them PLEASE JOIN it's fun friendly comp but were skilled like you guys SO LET ME KNOW BEFORE 12/31/17 THANKS!
  12. Roster
  13. Yo I'm trying to get a taste of the comp you want to run a game bro?