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  1. @aquickassasin Friday 8pm eastern so 6 if your Western
  2. @aquickassasin are you available to play tonight? 8pm
  3. @aquickassasin are you available to play tonight? 8pm?
  4. @aquickassasin tomorrow 8pm I'm eastern so 6pm if your Western

  5. @tjspeaks there Sooo passive lol THE CHAMP IS ME BABY LEHHGOO! I will win for my l27 BROTHERS to prove us lobby guys aren't "BUMS" We may have lost 2 but we've learned! COACH TY IS BACK BABY!! Lol let's go!!
  6. @tjspeaks @SitnHereFlossin 127 is waaaaaaay better all players are equal talent the game mode is fast like the REAL NFL is and you don't have to worry about abilities you can have as many or less because everyones team has there numeric hex set to 127 so everyone is at the same speed I like this league but guys are deff numeric hexing on the low..and why cant you have created legends just take the abilitys off till it meets the requirements this league needs to lighten up and maybe the rest 55 lobby players would join btw hex 127 has up to 20 members now. This game is about strategy abilities don't matter we should be able to pick what WE WANT!
  7. @aquickassasin what Time are you free to play this week

  8. GG Coach @LynnRamos I thought we played HARD at another tough stadium terrible towels crowd is loud then they start playing whole renegade music we had a WR (get knocked out of the game) that really HURT US.. defensively again we need to be sharper but I'm proud of our grittiness at not giving inch mentally offense has to PROVE it's self right now we got guys looking suspect and need a wake up call. Thank you , ( leaves podium)
  9. @LynnRamos you wanna run a practice game so we can get a feel ?

  10. @dazzo47 you got time for a practice game ?

  11. @aquickassasin you wanna play a practice game bro?

  12. GG to Coach @deeoutdat7Tough place to play in Jacksonville loud fans ..umm..they hit us hard and fast early with the passing game .. and we did things on offense to lose the game.. umm..i thought we played HARD in the second half I thought we out played them in the second half defensively..our offense came together late in the 3rd quarter we started to get momentum after that got a defensive stop with 2:30 left on the forth just to throw a pick on the second drive.. all n all will learn from this and get better! Thank u folks..( leaves podium).
  13. @deeoutdat7 can you play today at 6pm? Are you east coast or west? I'm east
  14. @LynnRamos yessir
  15. Seahawks