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  1. Visceral games was just closed down by Ea, so I doubt we'll ever see another dead space game :,(
  2. Did anyone else notice how the dead space series ended up just like the Aliens movies. Like, the first one is a very scary, nerve racking horror game, the second a action packed thriller, and the third a sub par action movie trying to be something its not.
  3. Stargate is coming back with a miniseries, and has all 3 series available for streaming. It seems MGM has given them control over the franchise. I think this miniseries is MGMs way of testing the water for future stargate shows, so I want everyone to support the first episode if they can, that said, do you guys think it will be good? Stargate Universe had its ups and downs.
  4. i mean, i didn't HATE it but I didn't LOVE it either, and as Shawn said, its ridiculous how hard it is just to be able to watch it. It's hardly user friendly.