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  1. Hahaha! I know right!
  2. Hey stinky, welcome. I "stink" as well, so no biggie!
  3. Thought I would post my man cave photo.... Just finished it last week! Hahaha...jk!
  4. Man, I loved the original CONTRA on Nintendo. My college roommate and I played that for hours. I remember we could push a certain series of buttons on the controller and get unlimited or extra lives. It was cool....
  5. I stated trade, but usually sell them on ebay or craigslist.
  6. I love military fiction and non fiction. also enjoy Christian fiction such as by authors like Lahaye, Jenkins, Peretti, Stockton.
  7. I not only play for fun, but to enjoy time with my son as well.
  8. 1)Game series: Lego, Forza, Star Wars 2)Single game: Battlefront 3)Genre of game: Sports, Racing, Adventure 4)Source of gaming news: GameStop, Here...:) 5)Thing to do other than gaming: Computer Coding/Programming(HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Sports, Airsoft. 6)Band/performer/whatever: For King and Country/ David Crowder (Contemporary Christian) 7)Song: Too many to name. 8)Movie: Marvel Avengers, Captain Amaerice-Winter Soldier 9)TV Show: Agents of Shield, NCIS Cyber, Scorpion 10)Book: Bible, Unbroken
  9. 500 + hours in the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Played online daily for 2 hours minimum pretty much for a year or more. Also, played through single player on all difficulty levels and got all achievements, including Mile High Club on Veteran...that was a BEAST!!!!
  10. From what I am reading, it seems to just allow options in moving buttons/controls around. Sounds very different from modded controllers, so I would say it is not unfair.
  11. Hi Grey, Sure, definitely mention other shows you like. I may find a new!
  12. Pick your favorite TV show. Just curious how these rank. They are all great shows in my opinion.
  13. Sounds fun. May join you guys sometime.
  14. Hey thx solo! Will do.
  15. Does anyone know when the new Survival Map will be available to play? The Caves on Hoth map just came out a week or so ago but there is another one coming soon as well. It shows up under Survival, but is locked right now.