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  1. Week 2 matchup: Oilers vs Browns live at If Run and Shoot streams, you can view both at:
  2. I think that we both normally stream the game, so you guys should be able to watch both perspectives of me getting destroyed.
  3. Hey man, I forgot that the Cavs and Pens play tonight, is there any way that we can push our game to tomorrow at the same time? If that doesn't work I'll cya tonight still.
  4. Sounds good, cya then.
  5. How about Wednesday at 7 central?
  6. My schedule is kind of screwed up this week, so I'll probably not be able to play until at least Sunday if not next Monday at the earliest. Let me know if any of those days work for you.
  7. That was such a fun and intense game to play. We both seemed to get a decent chunks of yards on drives only for them to come to a sudden halt. After I give it some time I'll have to go back and rewatch the game. Link to the game for anyone that wants to watch it
  8. Round 1: Dirty Dogs vs Revenge:
  9. Browns defeat Raves 24-20. No stats due to dc. GG @tjspeaks
  10. Week 1: Ravens vs Browns
  11. There may or may not be a decent amount of my favorite players from the '07 team. They got robbed
  12. The same thing happened when the Cavs beat the Warriors in the finals. The only reason that the Cavs won according to a lot of Warrior fans was that Curry had gotten hurt in the first round and was still hurt when they played the Cavs. That and the whole Draymond Green getting suspended in game 5 because he doesn't know how to control his emotions. I think that's the natural reaction people have when the underdog team ends up wining.
  13. Works for me, I'll cya then.
  14. @dazzo47 I should be able to play our game on Wednesday after 7 pm est or Saturday before my game with TJ at 8 pm est, and pretty much all day Sunday. let me know what works for you.
  15. I would suggest somewhere in the Cleveland area so you can hit up melt before or after your game.