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  1. How about Friday at 7 central?
  2. Still time to sign up with the Browns? Would be nice to get back into some football after a crazy few months.
  3. Let's go Monday at 8 CT, that should work out just fine.
  4. Let's go for Sunday night at 8 pm CT
  5. Yeah, I'm not going to run into issues until mid-August through around mid-September.
  6. I need to take this season off since there is going be around 3-4 weeks where I won't be available to play during the season, so they're all yours this season. Though I would like to have them back next season if possible.
  7. I just now got my internet back, turns out Spectrum doesn't know how to move service from one location to another without messing it all up. What an annoying series of events.
  8. Ohio State defeats Florida 48-14 OSU | Stat | Florida 348 | TY | 179 164 | PY | 160 184 | RY | 19 1 | TO | 5 114.3 | QBR | 49.5 PoG: Ezekiel Elliot - 25 rushes - 184 Yards - 5 TD Special nod to the defense for getting 5 INTs gg @AllenJD4lifeProductions
  9. If you call your d-line being in the backfield pretty much every possession disappearing, then I want my dline to pull a disappearing act
  10. Texas Tech vs Ohio State. Come to watch the undefeated team against the unwinning team.
  11. I'm rotating my uniform real fast, I should be done by 530, but it might take me a few extra minutes. Finished
  12. Should work out just fine
  13. We could play tomorrow either before or after my game with the sim god
  14. Yeah, I realized my mistake and forgot to change it. gogo not paying attention when trying to create uniforms. Makes the game really hard to play.
  15. Tennesee vs Ohio State