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  1. G - QB Max Webb Quick Release Rocket Arm 4th Quarter Comeback Leadership Bonus S - RB DeShaun Pittman Ankle Breaker Soft Hands Branching Tackles B - WR Curt Sims Tough in the Middle Possession Receiver Route God C - WR Sean Mathis Quick Feet Break Away Burst Hops C - WR Christian Sayers Possession Receiver Route God Bump Buster C - WR Central Nedney Deep Threat Tough in the Middle Hops C - WR Jovon Curtin Soft Hands Tough in the Middle Acrobatic Catches C - T Lester Gildon Strength Bonus Stonewall Bulldozer C - G Ebenezer Waddy Brick Wall Strength Bonus Bulldozer G - CB Night Train Lane Coverage Bonus Footsteps Closing Speed Quick Feet High Helmet Tackle G - CB Tommy McDaniel High Helmet Tackle Strength Bonus Bump Master S - CB Jay Ponder Bump Master High Helmet Tackle Footsteps G - FS Cory Henry Ball Hawk Closing Speed High Helmet Tackle G - SS Jason Upshaw Closing Speed High Helmet Tackle Strength Bonus S - OLB Tyrone Woods Coverage Bonus Strength Bonus High Helmet Tackle S - ILB Dahrran Glenn Pass Rush Bonus Stength Bonus Footsteps High Helmet Tackle S - DE Corey Redman Closing Speed Leadership Bonus High Helmet Tackle C - DE Robert James Strength Bonus High Helmet Tackle Swim C - DT Johnny Tingelhoff High Helmet Tackle Strength Bonus Closing Speed C - DT Matt Pontbriand Run Coverage High Helmet Tackle Pass Rush Bonus I think that I got everything correct
  2. @deeoutdat7 @RamosLynn I'll be free on Thursday thru Saturday night this week to play our games. Let me know what works for you guys.
  3. Change Jeff Walters for S - DE Corey Redman, sorry about that. Round 3: C - WR - Jovon Curtin C - WR - Central Nedney C - WR - Sean Mathis C - T - Lester Gildon C - G - Ebenezer Waddy C - DT - Johnny Tingelhoff C - DT - Matt Pontbriand
  4. Round 2: S - CB - Jay Ponder S - OLB - Tyrone Woods S - DT - Jeff Walters B - WR - Curt Sims C - WR - Christian Sayers C - DE - Robert James
  5. G - CB - Tommy McDaniel G - FS - Cory Henry G - SS - Jason Upshaw G - QB - Max Webb S - LB - Dahrran Glenn S - HB - DeShaun Pittman
  6. Browns defeat Seahawks 28-12.
  7. Week 3 showdown. Browns vs Seahawks -
  8. Hey all, the stats site has been fully updated. Sorry for the delay to start the season. Also, haven't had the time (really the motivation) to finish creating the historical stats section. I'll try to get back on it. Fun fact, the home team wins a vast majority of the games in CAG. I think that I've only seen a couple away victories.
  9. Browns @ Eagles
  10. @SitnHereFlossin That 60-yard run really turned the game. It felt like my guys had him stopped 3 or 4 times then all of sudden he's in the secondary with nothing but green grass in front of him. Kind of deflated the momentum I felt like I had.
  11. Vikings vs Browns currently on
  12. Cleveland Revenge - CB: Night Train Lane
  13. Sounds good, but it would be 5 pm pst not 6 pm.
  14. Can you still do the 830 est time? I have plans with family earlier in the evening before the game.
  15. @HeavyHitter55 and @SitnHereFlossin that works for me switching both the days around. The team will be ready to take some revenge on Flossin for the last couple seasons and to redeem the unwinning season from last year.