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  1. That squib kick is going to haunt me for a few seasons. Should have mentioned there was like 5 possessions for each side during that game, every drive seemed like it took a full quarter. Great Game
  2. Week 6 Matchup: Packers vs Browns (also known as, can the Browns finally get a win)
  3. I forgot about the monthly security meeting is meeting tonight, is there any way that we can push the game off until tomorrow?
  4. How about tonight at 830.
  5. GG man. I kept getting frustrated by the dropped ints and just fell apart in that second quarter.
  6. Week ? Raiders vs Browns
  7. Are you able to play next Tuesday?
  8. Congratz @SitnHereFlossin
  9. Week 4: Bills vs Browns Both perspectives if flossing streams:
  10. No Brownies are playing on Sunday so I'll be free at 3 est pending you getting approval. Let me know if you need to adjust.
  11. I should probably word my availability a bit better. Even though I get off of work at noon I work an hour away from home. The soonest that I would be able to play would be 1 pm and that might even be pushing it. I'll make sure that in the future I word that better ><
  12. I got back to work tonight, so the earliest that I would be able to play would be Sunday after 12 pm est thru Wednesday.
  13. lol, and yours was totally a walk in the park to go against /s. I was terrified everytime I had to throw the ball.
  14. Week 2: Browns vs Eagles
  15. Yeah, still good to play.