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  1. The game was at 830, and I was on waiting.
  2. I'm on whenever you are able logon
  3. Just saw this. Yeah, I can play if you're still around.
  4. I'm up now, and I'll have the website open so just let me know when you're around to play. @HeavyHitter55 sounds good. @AllenJD4lifeProductions I was on last night for about 45 minutes and I didn't see you on.
  5. Well, this season has been a disaster for me. Let's see how many games I can cram into 1 week. I can play after 7 pm est on Monday. On Tuesday and Thursday, I can play after 11 pm est. Wednesday I should be able to play anytime. Saturday I can also play from 7-10 pm est. I can also play in the morning Wednesday to Friday if anyone will be around.
  6. How about Wednesday if that still works for you.
  7. Yep, sound good. I'll cya then.
  8. Browns Roster
  9. Sorry guys, I had completely forgotten that I was back to playing in the league, not sure what my brain was doing. I'm off for the next week and a half and only can't play Tuesday/Thursday. Let me know what you guys are able to play, and if anyone has discord that is also a decent way to get a hold of me.
  10. How about Friday at 7 central?
  11. Still time to sign up with the Browns? Would be nice to get back into some football after a crazy few months.
  12. Let's go Monday at 8 CT, that should work out just fine.
  13. Let's go for Sunday night at 8 pm CT
  14. Yeah, I'm not going to run into issues until mid-August through around mid-September.
  15. I need to take this season off since there is going be around 3-4 weeks where I won't be available to play during the season, so they're all yours this season. Though I would like to have them back next season if possible.