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  1. Yeah, I realized my mistake and forgot to change it. gogo not paying attention when trying to create uniforms. Makes the game really hard to play.
  2. Tennesee vs Ohio State
  3. Works for me, @AllenJD4lifeProductions 8 pm edt Saturday would work.
  4. I'm making dinner right now, I could probably play in like 30 minutes.
  5. @X2KFootballG0dX @AllenJD4lifeProductions @dazzo47 @dazzo0007 @HeavyHitter55 I'll be available to play pretty much anytime Friday thru Sunday. Knew I should have just taken the season off to move, but alas I didn't. Just lemme know what works for you.
  6. Yeah, I might have overslept our game. I should be around later today, or sometime this weekend if you want to try to get our game in.
  7. Should be no problem, I'll cya then.
  8. @X2KFootballG0dX and @AllenJD4lifeProductions sorry for the delay getting back to you. I'll be able to play starting Wednesday Evening through Sunday evening. I'm not exactly sure what my schedule is going to be, but I should be around most of the days as I'm not planning to do much over my days off. Let me know what works for you guys.
  9. Week 1 Ohio State vs Maryland
  10. Can you play at like 3 pm est? I can probably play as early as 12 pm est if needed.
  11. I can play earlier in the day Monday before 5 pm est.
  12. We used to have the 5 nickle system that was somewhat like that but it really didn't add much imo. The funniest season to me was when we went back to the standard 2-3-6 system of the base game. Then again if someone is running 2 CBs that generally means they have sacrificed in a different area to stop the pass. Whether that is offensive firepower to have a good run defense or run defense to have any semblance of an offense. While there are some players that can make a Silver/Bronze offense work, it's just inconsistent as we all saw last season.
  13. I should be able to play Sunday or Monday for sure. This is the first time I've ever moved from a place of my own to another place and I uhh, kinda underestimated how much work it was going to be.
  14. The game is a bit overwhelming at first. There's just so much information. I have to say though, they need to hire a UX person to try to get a better UI. Coming to this after playing Football Manager is a bit of a shock.
  15. I should be able to play sometime either this week or early next week. I just moved a couple days ago, and I lost my team USB in some box so I'm still trying to find that.