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  1. Who's the patriots
  2. Trying to get back to where I was. Offense is coming along, defense is struggling
  3. Anyone want to scrimmage
  4. Colts when can you play
  5. So the game won't let you do 6 or 7 minutes
  6. How many minutes are these games supposed to be. 5 minute quarters seems to short 4 this game. I don't feel like I milk the clock but an average drive for me is almost 3 minutes.
  7. I'm on right now. May have to leave early today. Red dress run bout to start in New Orleans.
  8. Same schedule for the rest of the weekend
  9. I'll be at work. Anytime in the morning is good, if not it'll be late nights after 11pm central
  10. Seahawks when are you available?
  11. No it'll be later about 8:30 central
  12. We can play tonight