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  1. I will be playing Ghost I also took the day off friday if anyone is online ping me!
  2. i would like to play> ty r
  3. Please sign me up! papercitygamer
  4. I seem to like it better when I have 2 episodes taped back to back.
  5. Great Video! The CAG get togethers are always my favorite nites!
  6. That was fun watching that! NICE POST
  7. looks awesome
  8. On Friday I am planning a trip to the Football Hall of fame 10 ish and than work our way to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame 1 ish. I think it would be fun to go as a group?
  10. welcome!!!!
  11. Sign me up.. thank you
  12. welcome
  13. NEW- COD-WAW, XB360, TUES 07/13, 8-10PM ET If we get enough people we will do a private match otherwise we will make a party and take on the public. Who is Hosting/Organizing: Papercitygamer Who is invited: CAG and friends Match Rules: CAG CoC How to sign-up: Just reply to this post to sign up (or drop out) (updated 07/06 12:00pm by paper) Sign-up List: -Papercitygamer -dadof3byz07 - - - - - -
  14. welcome