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  1. Welcome Back!
  2. Welcome!
  3. I haven't been here in a while so let me start of by saying, Hello to all! Now that the formalities are out of the way, I was wondering if anyone here is planning on getting one of the next gen handhelds. I've never owned a DS of any sort, I do own a PSP but it has more dust on it than my treadmill. Yet for some strange reason I am extremely intrigued by these 2 new devices. When the 3DS was announced at E3 last year...I kind of blew it off. However, the more I read about it the more I want it. Am I just a victim of phenomenal ad placements or is there really substance here? The launch titles look OK, but nothing earth-shattering. Now Sony has introduced their new PSP codenamed NGP. All I can say is WOW! This thing is a powerhouse. Once again...i want it. My problem, however, is one experienced by many other CAGers.....Time. I have little enough gaming time as it is. But then again, perhaps this is the solution. Being able to fire up a game anywhere when I have a free moment sounds rather appealing, but my past experience with the PSP has been less than satisfying. So now the dilema...which one to buy. I certainly could buy both, but that would really be a colossal waste of money...I seriously doubt I would play 2 handhelds simultaneously. The NGP does seem to cater to the more "hardcore" gamer (What I used to be) while the 3DS looks to be a little more on the casual side. Anyway, just thought I'd throw the topic out there to see if anyone here is (1) planning on picking one up (2) buying the 3DS, NGP or both and (3) Most importantly, Where do you find the time!?!?! Thanks Everyone!
  4. GAH!!! This is my 2nd Wednesday in a row that I cant make it!! Oh well...hopefully I can catch up with you guys next week.
  5. I have to put myself down as a maybe for this week. Going house hunting tomorrow night
  6. Sorry I wasnt able to make it guys, but once again life has intruded on my gaming. I'll always try to post before the event if I'm not going to make it, but last night it was just not possible.
  7. I already have it preordered
  8. Grabbed All Fronts last night...looking forward to dying in new and exciting locations.
  9. NO!!! Not at all! I've been fickle about the name for quite some time now and the only reason I havent changed it yet is because I've been living in a world of single player heck! Now that I'm getting back into MP, I'd like to change it to something little less elaborate.
  10. What maps are we looking at? All Fronts, Dark Corners or both?
  11. I'd like to throw my hat in if there's room and you dont mind adding a little "suck" to the roster
  12. Definitely in...last night Rocked!!
  13. Thanks guys...had an awesome time last night!! Thanks to Auto for killing me about 3000 times yesterday! I'm definitely going to try to be in on a more permanent basis. I also promise my level of sucking will decrease exponentially over time. Also, just as a little side note, I will probably be changing my gamertag to something a little more pronounceable. I originally had the Gamertag of "The Turk" back in the original XBox days, because that was my nickname back in highschool (No I'm not turkish, I'm Italian, Irish....long story). Anyway, I changed it to Velox Aequitas because that was the guild name me and a few of my friends had in Dark Age of Camelot (Even longer story). I was never really happy with it and whenever I go into a match I have the same issues that we had last night which is no one can pronounce it!!! Not sure what my new GT will be, but I'll post it as soon as I find one that is available! Thanks again to all!! -Velox Aequitas
  14. If there's still room...count me in. Oh yeah...and I dont have the new maps, but if everyone else has them, I'll pick them up.
  15. Sounds good...I'll try to get in with you guys, however I do live in EST, so our times will probably not mesh too well.