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  1. I'm on the west coast and regularly playing between 8 and 11 west coast time. I'm on the PS3 and my PSN id is NorthBayTuleElk. At the moment, I'm playing a lot of Call of Duty MW2.
  2. Thanks everybody, And thanks Greylock. I'll be adding myself to the west coast thread.
  3. Hey everybody, I'm a 41-year-old casual gamer from the San Francisco Bay Area. I used to be a more casual gamer before my teenage son asked for Call of Duty World at War for our Playstation last spring. Since then, we've graduated to Modern Warfare 2 and I have spent many more hours than he has playing those games online. Highly addictive. And I suspect it would be even more so if it were more of a social experience. I bought a good headset to play with last summer. But I usually keep the chat volume turned down to zero to avoid interacting with the kids who yell, expletives after every kill. If you don't do that, feel free to send me a friend request. My PSN id is NorthBayTuleElk. I discovered CAG after seeing it mentioned in another forum that I've posted to a couple of times. That forum was also focused on mature people who like video games. I haven't found many people to play with there though, as most people on that forum seem to be XBox players, rather than PS3 owners like myself. Also, they mostly seemed to be from the eastern part of the country. As a west-coaster I'm not usually playing till pretty late in the evening, typically around 9 p.m. west coast after the kids are done with homework. So I'd be particularly interested to here from others in the west, or at least from east-coasters who are serious night owls.