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  1. Welcome back Kenja
  2. My wife is addicted to Mario Party 9. I think I'm stuck with the Wii forever.
  3. Welcome Eddie!!!!
  4. It's one of the last ones around here. I've been going to it since Empire Strikes Back
  5. Tinkfire and I just saw Ice Age 4 at the drive in
  6. Right now I'm reading the Steve Jobs Bio. I just finished the original Halo Series books
  7. Moldydog est
  8. Didn't know if you guys are still playing this one. you can count me in.
  9. Mine is a really boring story. When AOL just started out I needed a name. While staring at my desk trying to come up with something. I had an engineering book for AutoCAD Lite. And autolt was born.
  10. Nice setup Jetty
  11. Hello everybody. My name is Jay/Autolt I'm from the original CAG site. Dropped off the face of the earth for awhile, but I'm back. Still trying to game as much as possible on my Xbox and every now and then on my PS3. Though I'm presently addicted to the sims on facebook
  12. OK Put Tinkfire and I as maybe right now. We're around on the both of those days, and tink's sister is about 30 min away from there.
  13. Sign me up for both M4g.
  14. Very cool! Nice find
  15. I'm CAG only now, though my status has been more lurking than participating as of late. I know alot of people including myself have really had limited time to play. I hate when real life gets in the way. But I do remember not too long ago where we had a game night almost every night. ponders how Tink would react to me playing that much again I haven't been online that much to notice, but it sounds that most of the games are more impromptu