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  1. Yeah, with only a few of us posting any more, I wondered how long it would last. But, I haven't been here much myself as of late either. Made a lot of gaming friends and most of them came from participating in the site throughout the years. Sorry to see it go. Take care Grey, and I'll see you on the Xbox and PC.
  2. There's a free play weekend going on now, so I've got it downloaded.
  3. Booooo! Sorry to hear......
  4. I feel yer pain sir. It'll be a while for me as well.
  5. I was very skeptical about VR as a whole until I had the chance to try the Samsung Gear VR. Although the only programs that were loaded on the phone were demos, I was VERY impressed with how well the whole thing worked. The motion as you moved your head around was extremely responsive, much more so than I thought it would be. One of the apps was a mine car ride. Pretty simple, right? That thing had me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire ride and I was actually moving around with the mine car. Being able to look around and see firefly's and dragons flying around only helped to immerse myself in this 'simple' demo. And, this was only a phone powering the experience. I can't imagine what a dedicated unit, powered by a modern PC could do. So, now I'm sold on the whole VR thing. BUT, price is the biggest obstacle for me. Maybe by the time I've picked one up, the other issues you mentioned will be addressed!
  6. Picky, picky, picky....... You must be looking for a Kindle icon?!?
  7. Agreed. Make it simple so you can get to what you want to do as quickly as possible.
  8. @Greylock3491 F-Zero (& X) too.....
  9. Man, I want one of these, it's been to long since there's been a Nintendo console in the house. The touch screen doesn't help or hurt that.
  10. I'm in the middle of my 2nd play through now. Never had the original disk version, only the Steam version. And the 'new' Half Life 2: Update on Steam looks pretty good. Good enough for me to play through this looong game again! And no, I'm not complaining about the length of the game; You definitely get what you pay for with this one.
  11. The only mobile game I recall paying for was Minecraft, and it was a waste of money because the phone I had at the time just couldn't handle it. Now that I've got an updated phone(?). ....nah! Over the years I've spent a lot of time with games like Paper Toss, Ceramic Destroyer, Angry Birds... among others. But didn't pay for them, other than having ads onscreen or having them pop up and being forced to at least acknowledge it was there by closing it out. Which brings up a question: Is that $20 billion money that was directly spent on apps (and additions) or does it include revenue from the ads? But, all in all, my mobile gaming is now non-existent. The game depth and controls (for mobile 'phones') just didn't seem to be up to par as other handheld units I've used in the past, like the PSP or any of the many Gameboys I've owned over the years. And now that my plan is to get back into reading, I don't see that changing any time soon!
  12. I've seen some gameplay vids as well and it looks really fun! If I end up picking it up I'll look you up! (...that's a lot of 'up's!)
  13. Ok, definitely have to start reading because I don't know any of these characters......... lol
  14. Thanks!