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  1. Sign me up, although I may have to bounce out around 2:00 p.m. EST.
  2. MaxsonMaxsoff Available 1/22 9:30 EST, 1/23 afternoon EST, email for other times Charlie, then Delta and Echo Recruit or Hardened. I'm not very optimistic about my chances making it through spec ops on Veteran. I think I can host - does it take any particular set of skills or equipment?
  3. I spent the worst winter of my life in Northern VA and am glad to be home in Florida. East Coast all the way.
  4. Jake and Scott has it right - you have to only have one or two games that you really want to play in your "Q". If you have a longer list, they will send the least popular game (most copies available) from a local location. If you have a very short list, they will ship one of the popular games, although it will come from somewhere else in the nation. This probably explains the long gap between shipping and receipt. I would give Gamefly a tepid C+ after 1 year because of 1 scratched/unplayable disc, 2 scratched/playable but annoying discs, and the long wait time for popular new games. Now that I think about it, I will probably go back to the good old days of buying and selling used games at Gamestop.
  5. I'd go with Bioshock 2, Dante's Inferno, and Dead Rising 2. Also, if Mario Galaxy 2 is as good as 1, I might take my Wii back from its long-term loan to my brother.
  6. Thanks all - I appreciate the warm welcome.
  7. Count me in...if I can figure out how to sign into a private game.
  8. I'm new to posting but tired of playing games with chronically foul mouthed squeakers who play at least 8 hours a day, so I will give this a shot. I have an XBox 360, and my gamertag is maxsonmaxsoff. I have Gamefly, so I tend to cycle through games relatively quickly and only keep my absolute favorites (world at war 2, oblivion, gears of war). I play on random weeknights between 9-11 EST. I live in Orlando, FL with my wife and 2 dogs.