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  1. I remember spending a fair bit of time adjusting the response for controller input to actually be able to drive the cars !! Project Cars was an awesome game, probably one of my most played titles on PS4.
  2. I enjoy beta's as a chance to get a taste of a game, to sort of get a feel for if I should spend money on it or not. Also, being able to have a free window with a game is sometimes all that's really needed to scratch an itch - exactly what Star Wars Battlefront was for me. I enjoyed the Division open beta, and I've really enjoyed the game so far. The ease of matchmaking, seemingly any mission, is a nice change - it's definitely much fore fun with friends !!
  3. The 17th - I'm IN !!!
  4. Honestly, we were going about it a little to brazen ... once we adopted the Halo CE "sit back and pick 'em off" routine we really started to stretch our legs !! 4 packs WITH multiple peaces of gear - we were making it rain loot at that extraction point !! I am game !!!! I shot to Dark Zone 14 the other night, and it was my first time !! I'm now level 20 with a few purple guns, so I'll be holding my own much better in the DZ tonight.
  5. I've managed to jump all the way to lvl 20 after just a week !!! @Greylock3491 - the two nights ago when (I was only lvl 13) you and Spyrle where gaming with @ag9041 and I in the dark zone, well I ended up pulling 6 - 8 extractions just after Spy left the game !! I think Andre pulled off 3 because he was mostly just watching my back. Everything I looted in that Dark Zone session I've already sold or deconstructed ... Really enjoying the game so far, even if I'm still not a big fan of the cover system (I keep getting stuck in cover when I'm trying to roll away from a grenade). Last night's Division session went till 2am, with @ag9041 and @Redeyes - had an absolute blast tearing things up !!!
  6. Hey guys - I'm just about to hit rank 9 and have only done the minimum 3 story missions to unlock the wings in my base, side missions and encounters have been my bread and butter so far this weekend ... Anybody sees me on tonight, feel free to join me or send me an invite !!!
  7. Well, the timing is a bit tricky since we're trying to put the kids to bed anytime between 7pm and 8pm ... Plus I've been told that I make too much noise when I argue with Mrs Trump "chadstrophywife" , and it's just not as fun when I have Katie muted. If Sunday night racing ever ushers in the return of ABC Racing however, I will try my best to commit to the season. I really miss the old formatted race nights, and the old gang ... I feel like an outsider when I join Sunday race nights these days, but that's no ones' fault but my own I guess.
  8. I'm still waiting for the day Nintendo starts releasing REAL mobile games - Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong - bring new games with SNES-esque graphics to the mobile space. It's million dollar idea that'd give Nintendo a licence to print money. Again.
  9. Woot wooT - I think Division is in order tomorrow !!! Download is at 25% right now ... thanks to a very special "secret santa" and an early birthday present !!
  10. I'll be in Destiny for sure !!! I have the Division downloading as I type !!! Oh the joyous killing and looting Fireteam Canuck will be up to this spring !!!!!! *ps - @dbqhams - why only the mug ?? LoL ...
  11. I think that's the one update I'm looking forward to the most - the highest level gear is going to much more accessible TO EVERYONE !!! No longer locked behind *just the raid. I can't wait to gear up to 335 !!!!
  12. I don't think the game was an overwhelming success, but it was very successful regardless of what the "Fox News - esque" inter webs fodder said otherwise. Still has the best FPS mechanics a year and a half after launch, I don't think anyone can argue that. True the "story" wasn't what it should have been, but it wasn't that bad (speaking to Vanilla Destiny) it just wasn't what people expected from Bungie. But for those people who jumped on the Destiny train with the Taken King expansion - they got a pretty stellar game for $35 !! The game was overhyped by the media, and over-promised by Bungie at ALL of the E3's before it's launch (at least two) - that's at the core of what was disappointing - the launched game didn't live up to the expectations of a Bungie game that'd been in development for YEARS. I'm posting this between rounds in Iron Banner BTW ... I have so much fun playing this game. This is the only game so far this generation that I play on a weekly basis. That alone speaks volumes to it's replay-ability, and I think those who dismissed the game early maybe just didn't take the time to feel out the end game learning curve ? That said, being able to successfully raid with a semi-regular group during the VoG hay-days, and after each of the DLC drops probably gives me an ENTIRELY different point of view on the game, and probably one of the main reasons I've enjoyed it as much as I have.
  13. Didn't one of the CoD's have a bolt action rifle ? Sniper maybe ?
  14. Rogue hunting in the Dark Zone ? Sounds like fun !!
  15. By the sounds of it, with the Sterling Treasures - being able to loot the PoE treasure chest as many times as possible in a week - the PoE challenge mode - revamped Nightfall drops that once again matter - heroic weekly strikes with revamped drops - it sounds like you'll have an abundance of choice for weekly gaming. Right now my "weekly" Destiny routine consists of running the heroic weekly strikes with three of coins active to have a chance at an exotic drop. Most of my exotics decrypt as 310 items, and if they're doubles I use them to infuse other gear. I have a really nice 310 Iron banner build, and a normal PvE 311 build for my Warlock. From what I've read, I'll be adding in the Weekly Crucible playlist now for a Sterling Treasure, and the lvl 41 PoE (as long as there's matchmaking), as well as a simple stop to the PostMaster for a third Sterling Treasure. That's probably your best bet to try and build the "Taken" armour set and unlock the new "Taken Shiver" emote.