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  1. Sorry I wasnt able to stay long guys my buddy needed a ride home.
  2. I'm in 4 sure!
  3. Great gaming with you guys cant wait till we do it again!
  4. Welcome to CAG
  5. Welcome to CAG Kurq
  6. Hey welcome one absent! I look forward to fragging with you in the future! Congrads on getting maried I just got married myself last november
  7. Hey mugdubz welcome to cag!
  8. Welcome to cag! Looking forward to fragging with ya!
  9. Count me in fellas!
  10. I just would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome and I look forward to playing with all of you in the near future and feel free to add my on xbox live gamertag is Early Shadow
  11. Good concept I get what they're trying to do but....It's kinda pointless
  12. Halo 3 Mix Games, Thursday 11/12/2009, 6pm-10pm EST Who is invited: All CAG members Who is hosting: Early Shadow How to sign up: Just reply to this post to sign up (or drop out) (updated xx/xx 00:00am by Me) Sign-up List: -Early Shadow -
  13. Hello everyone I found yalls site and I think it's the greatest hope to game with you all soon! Some things that would speed up your member approval: - GamerTag - Early Shadow - Games you're playing - Halo 3, COD WAW, GTA 4, Left 4 dead, Gears of war. - Times you typically play - Eastern standard times, All times day and night - Friends that are currently CAG members and/or referrals to the site - None Some people also like to include the following - Where they're from- Riverview Michigan - Married? - Yes Kids? - Hopefully soon - Job or Occupation - Just got laid off....I know bummer lol - Other interests or hobbies outside of gaming - I love playing guitar, Messing with computers, RELAXING!!