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  1. Final "maybe?"
  2. I never received the Discord information from Patreon? Should I go thru them, or get an invite?
  3. Ended up buying some Switch accessories though-Ethernet cord, MicroSD card, pro controller, case. Will be prepared, when I do end up buying it.
  4. Going to hold out on getting the Switch, till probably 2018. Have to many games in my backlog. I did buy the new Zelda Amiibo's though:)
  5. I did start Until Dawn and I have actually yelled out while playing. Been awhile since a game has scared me. lol
  6. I purchased Until Dawn, but haven't started it yet.
  7. Welcome back MJedi:)
  8. Battlefront and COD are different beast for sure. For me, the only constant thing b/t the 2, is that I'm horrible with both. lol
  9. It's very open world, but single player! Not bloody or cursing like GTA. If you love brainless causing things to go boom. It rocks!! Comes with Just Cause 2 too.
  10. I can turn my alter ego GT to Gold, MUsith lol. MU is for University of Missouri (Mizzou). Usually get called (Moo)jedi lol, which is fine too.
  11. I have it, but have not tried it yet.
  12. Nice!!
  13. Yes, I just found that out. I'm only playing as a monk and have not played very much, still on act 1. Anyway, already level 30. I did pre-order the RoS. Fier, yeah it's going to be released on PS4(comes with Diablo 3 and RoS). Have no idea when that will happen though.
  14. I might be getting it.