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  1. No, the Xbox won't use the tuner directly - it uses it via WMC on your PC, same as if you used a tuner card or USB tuner. Advantage to the HDHomeRun is the TV signal is available to any PC on the network and you don't have to have have the PC near the TV cable/antenna. If those two things don't matter in your case the other tuners options may be cheaper. Your wife doesn't have to know how it's working though, she'll just have to open up WMC on the Xbox and it'll just look like there's direct live and recorded TV all through a nice guide. To make it even simpler you can set the Xbox to boot directly to WMC (in the xbox's start up settings).
  2. The SiliconDust HDHomeRun line of networked TV tuners are really great, and that way you can get a TV signal to any computer on your network. I also have a USB stick tuner that works just fine. Windows Media Center will work for your DVR needs, and Xbox works as an extender for it, so you probably already have everything else you need.
  3. Nice Bullet! It just occurred to me that I haven't played any race-type game in Halo 4 yet! I couldn't make it on this past Sat but hope to see ya'll next time.
  4. Great games!
  5. The rumors have just been all over the place. I think there are little grains of truth behind some of them, but they are being distorted like crazy with each subsequent telling. I want MS to just come on and announce something already!
  6. That was the most fun I've had playing MP since, well, the last CAG muster Those "swat" matches with needlers and some other combo I forgot, were hysterically fun. All the matches were great! Can't wait till next week!
  7. Hopefully I'll be able to get on!
  8. Nice! Haven't been able to play for a while and this made me miss it even more! I should be back on the battlefield with ya'll soon.
  9. Welcome to CAG!
  10. Sorry I missed it, would have been down for a "retro" night of Halo haha, sounds like it was a load of fun. I feel like I haven't played in over a month now... been traveling and other things have popped up and just haven't had any gaming time in a while... Hopefully I'll be able to hop on for the next Halo night!
  11. I remember having some trouble finding my replays too, but can't remember right now. I'll try to remember to check next time I play. Keep in mind there is no campaign theater. I know I have replays for PVP matches, not sure about Spartan ops.
  12. yep ya gotta pay the piper! I've got 10 more levels to go till 50. I'm thinking I will first pick this one specialization whose perk is increased XP (forgot the name, I think it's called Pathfinder). Then move on to others. Spartan Ops seems to give the most XP and since co-op is my preference anyway, that is a win-win for me.
  13. I'll hop in for some spartan ops anytime you see me on. Ep 6 is out today!!
  14. I hope they show something before E3, really want to starting hearing something more concrete about the next gen consoles!
  15. Right, they use Kinect tech to do a 3d mapping of the room, and then adjust the projector based on that. That's how they make it look like it's projecting on a relatively flat surface even though it is projecting onto all the furniture with different depths.