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  1. Friday at 8:30 pm et?
  2. TO’s 1-1 POG - P. Manning GG, @AllenJD4lifeProductions
  3. mon at 8:30 pm et?
  4. Friday at 8:30 pm et?
  5. Tennessee over Maryland 23-17 in OT POG - W. Gault w/ KO return Game ball - coin toss no stats due to network drops GG, TJ
  6. Mon @ 8:30 pm et it is.
  7. can you do sun at 8:30 pm et by chance?
  8. 2 turnovers ea. Pog - LB A. Spiva w/ a 47 yard pick 6 gg, dad
  9. @X2KFootballG0dX wed at 8:30 pm et?
  10. Turnovers 0 - 1 GG, Dad. Missed 52 yd. FG with a big crosswind by "Butthead" proved to be crucial in second half. Still though, just maybe needed 10 seconds or so more on your last drive to be within range for the game-winning FG. POG - Favre - NO PICKS
  11. @SitnHereFlossin sorry i've been absent from the forum lately. i can do either tonight or tomorrow at 8:30 pm et. LMK.
  12. Friday at 8:30 pm et? *Edit* NVM. Saw you're already booked. Can play tonight at 8:30 pm et though.
  13. TO’s 1 - 1 POG - B. Favre w/ game winning TD pass with seconds left in 4th after 7 + minute drive by Philly. Gg, HH
  14. Sorry, @HeavyHitter55. Something has come up. How about Monday at 8:30 pm et?
  15. np. see you then!
  16. Tonight at 9 pm et?
  17. tonight 9 pm et. see you then.
  18. hmmm...and according to CAG he last visited the forum 19 hours ago...
  19. bueller? been 9 days...
  20. 4 - 6 Pack score 22 unanswered in 4th with help from opposing QB Cody Carson and some INT’s. POG B. Favre w/ 3 TDs and 525 yards passing GG @X2KFootballG0dX
  21. Well played, R&S! It was a mess of a game for sure but still fun. The 3 penalties for 38 yards really hurt. Especially with 2:00 min left in half, you were up 7-3 and I was driving. 1st and 34 is darn near impossible! Lol There lots of dropped passes on both sides, including dropped picks that could have been huge. Your D played well on 3rd down, too. 1 of 6 won’t get the job done. GG, congrats on another dazzo trophy!
  22. Tennessee Volunteers
  23. TO’s 1 — 2 POG - B. Favre spread the ball aroundw/ 2 TD’s plus 2 thrown to the other team. GG, @AllenJD4lifeProductions
  24. @deeoutdat7 waited 20 min for you...