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  1. @NTQ03 time is tickin'. W or Th at 8:30 pm et. LMK.
  2. how could you not? lol. That was an amazing comeback by everyone except Rex. which was to be expected. Watching that makes me miss the excitement of Devin Hester's return ability. The Bears are who we thought they were! That's why we let em off the hook
  3. No TO's POG - A. Rodgers Game ball - RB T. Montgomery w/ a short TD run late in the 4th. GG, HH
  4. Okay, let's try this again... @NTQ03 M-W 8-9 pm ET LMK
  5. LOL you right. Unlike 'Flossin, it's not a best of 7 series.
  6. @MightyRx and @NTQ03 M-W 8-9 p ET LET ME KNOW
  7. 8:30 pm et tonight?
  8. Wow. I'd feel the same. Bad angles and worse tackling. Fire the special teams coach! Returner is even a copper at best.
  9. @NTQ03 tonight at 8:30 pm et?
  10. fri at 8 pm et it is.
  11. can do Thursday at 8 pm et. See you then?
  12. TO's 1-2 POG - CB D. House w/ a game-changing blocked punt that resulted in an easy TD. Fumble on the ensuing kickoff was also big. GG, @mighty
  13. see you then
  14. @MightyRx tonight at 8:30 pm et?
  15. I'm free now.
  16. @NTQ03 waited 20 min
  17. where you at?
  18. waiting...
  19. @NTQ03 waiting...
  20. Bueller?
  21. @NTQ03 Tues or Thurs at 8:30 pm et?
  22. TO’s 0 - 1 Packers D stiffens in the 2nd half allowing no points while keeping scrambling QB T. Taylor in check. POG - LB C. Mathews w/ 6 tackles and a crucial late game pick to ice it. GG, @deeoutdat7
  23. can you do 8:30 pm et tonight?
  24. Has anyone heard from @deeoutdat7? Been trying to schedule our game.