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  1. Congrats to both for a successful 60th season of CAG, and to the champ in being able to hoist the dazzo47 trophy for the 8th time.
  2. should be a good one!
  3. Thurs 8:30 pm et?
  4. 8:30 pm et WED?
  5. Pops and I will be there for a few min. at least...
  6. TO's 1-0 Packers survive a hungry Bears team on the legs of POG R. Cobb whose KO return with :01 left in the 1st half helped turn things around. Tough run D all game! If not for a 50 yard TD run by T. Montgomery, he may have had negative yards! GG, Dad
  7. Post rosters or note if no change from LX.
  8. I'm eagerly anticipating the playoff seeding outcomes this season. I would have loved to play @aquickassasin as it would have had huge playoff implications. A loss for me and I'd be knocked out of the playoff picture. Whereas, a win and I'd get the tiebreaker over @SitnHereFlossin With that said, since it looks like @deeoutdat7 isn't gonna finish his season either, does it mean that everyone would move up a position to fill his spot? What do you think @tjspeaks?
  9. @aquickassasin how about 8:30 pm et tonight?
  10. Tu at 9 pm ET.
  11. GG, as always @dazzo47. While I didn't help my own cause by being shaky on the sticks, you called a great game. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. I had to be careful on my passes, and when I wasn't, you made me pay dearly. Should be interesting to see how the playoff race shakes out. I would like to play my Week #2 game with @aquickassasin. Should we remind him he is still in the league? Then after, I have what should be a big final game of the season vs. @HeavyHitter55 w/ definite playoff implications. And if @SitnHereFlossin would stop obsessing over "that other" league, he might realize he is still in the hunt, too. @X2KFootballG0dX seems to always make the playoffs, while @tjspeaks is playing possessed!
  12. Th or Fri 8:30 pm et PLEASE LMK
  13. @aquickassasin W-F 8:30 pm et LMK