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  1. Bueller?
  2. @NTQ03 Tues or Thurs at 8:30 pm et?
  3. TO’s 0 - 1 Packers D stiffens in the 2nd half allowing no points while keeping scrambling QB T. Taylor in check. POG - LB C. Mathews w/ 6 tackles and a crucial late game pick to ice it. GG, @deeoutdat7
  4. can you do 8:30 pm et tonight?
  5. Has anyone heard from @deeoutdat7? Been trying to schedule our game.
  6. Final - OT Packers 16 Bears 13 GB wins coin toss in OT and capitalizes with a 65 yd. return by Cobb to set up the winning FG. GG, Dad. No stats due to network drop POG - Cobb
  7. Can you do Monday at 8:30 pm et?
  8. 3 TO’s ea. POG - SS J. Adams w/ 2 INT’s and a pass defended Another great one, R&S
  9. Weekend opened up. Can you do 2 pm et today?
  10. @X2KFootballG0dX M, T, or W at 8:30 pm et. LMK.
  11. Sorry, doesn't work. Can do M, T, or W at 8:30 pm et. LMK.
  12. cross-wind slightly against helped?
  13. https://clips.twitch.tv/BoredDiligentGrasshopperPrimeMe Come on, man! 50 yarder with a generic? I want him checked for 'roids!
  14. @X2KFootballG0dX Wednesday at 8:30 pm et? But no rematches.
  15. Sometimes happens to me, too. Found that the Xbox app tends to receive messages more reliably.