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  1. @SitnHereFlossin, just like the 2006 Bears. Sound defense, usually wins the turnover battle (smart offensively) and generally enjoys good field position thanks to great special team play. All three served Lovie well and are huge in our shortened 5 min quarter game.
  2. Thank you for your patience RS. How about Thursday at 8PM CT?
  3. @X2KFootballG0dX, sorry I didn’t post sooner. Been having problems with my team. I should have everything ironed out soon and will post my availability at that time.
  4. It was a tremendous game indeed @tjspeaks. I don’t know if getting that 3rd down stop late in the game would have made any difference. It would have been difficult the way your defense had been playing. As if the intensity level wasn’t high enough in the 1st half, I could feel your defense crank it up another notch after Flacco was picked on the Ravens first play of the second half. I couldn’t capitalize on the great field position (Accross midfield) and went 3 and out. That set up “the drive” by Flacco which featured I don’t know how many 3rd down conversions. It came down to your defense holding on 4th and 2 on the Raven 33. It was a very exciting nail biter from start to finish! Well played Commish!
  5. Need to check out my team. Anyone around for a scrim?
  6. @HeavyHitter55, I felt like you started this game very confidently with a nice looking drive that stalled in the red zone only because Wentz overthrew a wide open out route. Then on my initial possession you made a nifty user controlled pick at mid field. I remember thinking that you were playing with great focus and determination. I was going to need a break or two to weather the storm. My defense sucked it up and held on 3 consecutive running plays. I thought for sure that you would try to bury a punt inside the 5, but to my surprise you went for a 60 yard field goal which fell just short. At that point I felt like I dodged a bullet and had great field position at the 50 to start my second possession. Two plays later I had the lead and the momentum. I think the missed field goal changed everything.
  7. @tjspeaks, how about Thursday at 8 pm et?
  8. @SitnHereFlossin I have never streamed my games, don’t know how, nor do I have the equipment. The only thing I have done is recorded a few games and posted edited versions with music. (Which is very time consuming). Maybe that’s what you are thinking of. Anyway since the Ravens lost to the dreaded Packers last night, the Bears are in win or lose (thank you very much Mike). If the Bears win then the Ravens are in. But if the Bears lose then the Eagles are in.
  9. You are going to be a tired puppy. We can do Saturday or Sunday at 8 PM CT. I would rather schedule something rather than wait and see. Have a good time!
  10. @HeavyHitter55, Friday at 8 PM CT?
  11. Thanks Double H.
  12. Congrats @HeavyHitter55! What an incredible game from start to finish. As I watched I could visualize you going ballistic on big play after big play. You should have recorded yourself lol! I love your passion “Double H”! Enjoy.
  13. @HeavyHitter55, could we play our week 8 game a little early? Say tomorrow (Sunday) at 5:30 PM CT?
  14. Replaced appropriate abilities, I think. Replaced duplicate uniform numbers. WR Madese 89 to 88 WR Timmerman 89-81 TE Forde 84-87
  15. See you then.