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  1. @X2KFootballG0dX, let’s plan on Mundie Night Football. 8PM CT thanks.
  2. @X2KFootballG0dX, sorry I have to reschedule our game tonight. I have a nasty cold and I want to be at my best against the best. Can we schedule Monday at 8PM CT? Tomorrow night is a possibility if I feel up to it.
  3. @X2KFootballG0dX, how about Friday at 8 PM CT?
  4. CHI.......0...7...7...3......17 TB.........7...0...7...7......14 POG QB Mitch Trubisky rebounded nicely after throwing a pick on the Bears first play from scrimmage. With the game tied midway through the 4th, he kept the sticks moving down to the 12 yd line for the go ahead field goal. (15/20, 108 yds, 2 tds, 1 int). TB player of note, TE O J Howard thrown to 14 times with 7 completions for 152 yds. STAT/CHI/TB TY/176/207 PY/108/207 RY/68/35 TO/1/0 PR/99.9/74.9 Tough battle @AllenJD4lifeProductions!
  5. @AllenJD4lifeProductions, how about Tuesday at 8:00 PM CT?
  6. (edited for abilities counter view) Sorry about that. Chicago Bears ...
  7. Anybody around during the next hour or so for a scrimmage? Need to check out my team.
  8. Congrats Mike! Great intense game especially in the second half, worthy of the “dazzo47 trophy “. Well played on both sides.
  9. See you then @tjspeaks
  10. @tjspeaks, @AllenJD4lifeProductions I have a glitch on my team rebuild. If I don’t get it resolved tonight I will fly with last season’s team. Friday, Saturday at 8:00 PM CT.
  11. @tjspeaks, @AllenJD4lifeProductions Sorry men, it will have to be next week. I will post my availability on Monday or Tuesday.
  12. @tjspeaks, @AllenJD4lifeProductions If I don’t have my team ready by Tuesday then I won’t be available until next week. Since it will be my bye week I will be free for both games. Will keep you posted.
  13. No problem @AllenJD4lifeProductions That will give me time to build my team. Thanks for the update.
  14. @SitnHereFlossin, how about Tuesday at 8:00 pm ct?