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  1. @johgreen05@SitnHereFlossin @dazzo0007@X2KFootballG0dX@HeavyHitter55 Per @dazzo47 request: We are going to play an additional 6 games this season. We will simply go through our schedule one more time. It feels like the season just begun. Rematches will be interesting. There have been some great games. We are looking forward to the 1st fantasy season featuring Super Bowl teams (or playoff teams if your fav team has not advanced). During your upcoming 2nd BYE week, please take that time to work on your new team for next season with the new spreadsheet provided by HH55. This spreadsheet allows for more flexibility in team builds. Our games are great win or lose. It is fun competing during all these gridiron chess matches. Thanks!
  2. FYI https://www.trueachievements.com/n36518/maintenance-scheduled-for-xbox-360-services
  3. After being man-handled the past 3 games, the Eagles undergo a comprehensive re-evaluation of their team and decide to re-invest in the same positional groups that won them their first ever Super Bowl Championship - The Trenches. On the offensive side of the ball, the Eagles (led by C Jason Kelce, G Brandon Brooks, & T Lane Johnson) face a nasty defensive front 7, led by do-it-all Khalil Mack. However, despite some early overlooks, the offense tightens up allowing QB Carson Wentz a clean pocket (most of the time) allowing him to find his primary target - TE Zach Ertz. On the defensive side of the ball, DE Brandon Graham and DT Fletcher Cox did just enough to shake-rattle-and-roll QB Mitch Tribiski into making some poor decisions and passes. CB Ronald Darby and Jalen Mills each coming up with CLUTCH interceptions: Mills with a redzone INT after an opening 83 yard KO return at the beginning of the 2nd half; and Darby with the game-sealing INT to remove any threat of a Bears TD to tie the game. POG: TE Zach Ertz - 8 receptions, 124 yards, 1 TD POG Runner-Up: everyone else. As the Patriots say: 'Do your job'. Everyone did their part in this culminating win. The Eagles come away with the win 24-17. Stats (PHI-CHI): TY: 279-162 PY: 248-156 RY: 31-6 QBR: 142.0-91.0 TO: 1-2 As usual, spectacular game @dazzo47. I always look forward to playing you. I truly feel like our games are a battle of whits deeper than graphics moving on a screen, no matter the situation!
  4. Week 7 BAL at PHI KO at 8pm ET https://www.twitch.tv/heavyhitter55
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  5. @SitnHereFlossin sounds good for week 2.
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  6. Week 6 - Bears @ Bears (Dazzo0007) Of course it had to be a defensive game between these two teams. Although we were desperately losing the time of possession battle, we found ourselves knotted at 7 going into halftime. The 2nd half generated no scoring. In OT 'da Bears capitalized off of their 3rd turnover, allowing Cody Parkey to redeem himself from that heartbreaking last second playoff game loss to the Eagles. 10 - 7 the final. GG @dazzo0007 Game Balls - Khalil Mack | With Daz on my 38 yard line, late in the fourth quarter, 4th & 2 he lines up to punt ... it's a fake. 1st down. Demoralized but battle tested, on the next play Khalil gets the game's only sack on the day, knocking Daz out of FG range. The defense holds, leading to the aforementioned OT. Cody Parkey | The winds were howling. But he managed to make the game winning FG with the ball sailing just inside the upright. TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS FLOSS 146 27 119 68.5 3 0007 191 68 123 59.0 1
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  7. TO's 1 / 1 POG - T. Cohen w/ game's only TD on a 10 yd. run GG, Dad. A tale of two halves.
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  10. Turns out this week is busier than I remembered. I forgot my daughter has a competition Friday evening. I'm not sure what we're doing Saturday or how late we will be. How about we schedule our game for next week? This way I'm not holding up your plans with last minute arrangements.
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  11. @dazzo0007 I have a podcast Wednesday starting at 8:30 eastern. Thursday is Valentine's day and I'm not sure if my queen wants to celebrate it that day, Friday, or Saturday. I will provide you with as much notice as possible when it comes available.
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  13. @HeavyHitter55 Thanks for your time & effort you put into this. These are Super Bowl teams (but any playoff team is eligible). Looking forward to imputing values and seeing what kind of teams we can build: Gold: min 2; max 5 Silver: min 3; max 8 Bronze: min 1; max 11 @dazzo47 has suggested a longer season so we can get rematches with some/all teams. I love competing with all of you (win or lose).
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  16. LOL. I thought @SitnHereFlossin was the world's biggest Bears fan? Might need to have that supposed title revoked.
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  22. Sorry I lost the score with the stats.... I just know two teams could barely score for 6 quarters.
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  23. @X2KFootballG0dX captures his 8th dazzo47 trophy. Wall updated (post #1). Congrats!
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