Casual Adult Gamers: August 2007 - March 2017

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Followers 0 Opened on August 30th, 2007. Suspended in March of 2017.

"It was a wild ride with lots of highs and lows, during which I met countless new friends and also suffered countless headaches."

"But in 2017 it seems the majority of adult gamer's have no desire to share their thoughts, or discuss gaming beyond one-sided sharing clips and images, leaving most if not all of the online conversations to a very limited number of individuals."

"Maybe Facebook or internet trolls wore everyone out, but whatever it was I do believe we are poorer as a society now that most gamers have moved away from social interaction in favor of sharing their experiences on their systems "activity feed." Sadly, most of that content is never viewed by anyone :-(

- Greylock3491, CAG Founder

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