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  2. TONIGHT 8:30 PM ET - CAG 63 Week 1 - LIVE
  3. I will have my roster ready by Sunday(possibly sooner). I had some work and technical issues. Plus I got to figure out the new roster format.
  4. Yes
  5. @dazzo0007 lets make it tomorrow(Wednesday) at 8:30pm EST.
  6. Yesterday
  7. @tjspeaks @HeavyHitter55 can we rename generic players or is that not allowed?
  8. @dazzo0007 I can do tonight if you like or another night.
  9. See you then
  10. I am on a BYE week - will post roster in several days
  11. @HeavyHitter55 Updated
  12. Last week
  13. My opponent hasn't posted their roster yet so tomorrow I am available for a scrimmage game. Just let me know. AM or PM
  14. @Lord Destro T-F, 8:30 pm ET. LMK
  15. Let's post those Rosters guys I'm ready to play... }:‑)
  16. REMINDER: Your roster must be posted AND approved for use BEFORE playing your first game. If your roster isn't at least posted, you should think about doing so prior to trying to schedule a game. Individuals who have posted a roster and received approval are as follows: @aquickassasin, @SitnHereFlossin, @johgreen05 Individuals who have either not posted a roster or have not received approval are as follows: @tjspeaks, @MightyRx, @NTQ03, @dazzo47, @dazzo0007, @Lord Destro, @X2KFootballG0dX Since the season has begun, please post/adjust as soon as possible and allow at least 12 hours for review and any feedback.
  17. @SitnHereFlossin, how about Friday (7/19) at 7:30 PM CT?
  18. @X2KFootballG0dX
  19. How do I contact runANDshoot? His name isn't popping up for me.
  20. @NTQ03 I can't remember the last time I was so close to throwing either my XBOX, PC, or both out of the window. Only my love for football kept me from doing so (and my wallet of course). After a grueling battle of getting changes to my roster saved, and the patience of online technical support (@X2KFootballG0dX) I was finally able to get my roster completed. If you're able to play our week 1 game today great. Otherwise I won't be available until Thursday. I can play anytime between Thursday & Saturday, time, wife, and kids permitting. Get@me
  21. @dazzo47 The next three weeks of my work schedule are absolutely brutal. I'm available next week Friday & Saturday only. If these days don't work for you I won't be able to get our game until for a few more weeks. Because the following week after that I'm flying out of town to visit some of @tjspeaks buddies in between my work schedule. LMK
  22. Working on porting by rosters meow. Had to wait to visit my parents to use their PC
  23. @SitnHereFlossin, not available those days. Will have to be next week.
  24. @dazzo47 I'm available Thursday & Friday evening, Saturday throughout the day. Get @ me
  25. Earlier
  26. Post season 63 rosters here.
  27. Standings & Schedule Official NFL rosters Note: HH55 will provide an updated spreadsheet [one feature: no bronze player] This team that you build will be used for at least 2 seasons. Spreadsheet: CAG 63 Roster Spreadsheet (re-vamped) - 872 Points.xlsx
  28. Standings & Schedule: Fantasy season: NFL Championship Teams In CAG NFL Season LXII we will be introducing a totally re-vamped spreadsheet! The changes are made to encourage variance in team building deviating from the common 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 1 Bronze, 9 Copper builds. The changes are as follows: Cost of abilities have increased for all tiers as follows: Gold: 8 points per unrestricted ability Gold: 24 points per restricted ability Silver: 5 points per unrestricted ability Silver: 10 points per restricted ability Bronze: 3 points per unrestricted ability Bronze: 3 points per restricted ability Copper: 2 points per unrestricted ability Copper: restricted abilities not allowed Total team points have increased from 162 to 226. Each tier now has a point cap as follows: Gold: 96 points Silver: 80 points Bronze: 54 points Copper: 56 points All point caps MUST be met. The same color coding applies - green = good; red = bad over the cap. With these changes, there is no doubt going to be confusion. Please work your way through this by creating your teams for the upcoming season in the new spreadsheet and keep in mind the color coding (red/yellow/green). Some quick reminders regarding team building rules: You MUST have at least one gold and one silver on each side of the ball. Quick Release, Branching Tackles, Work Horse, Route God are restricted abilities and show up red when assigned in the spreadsheet. Here are the max/min for each tier: Gold: min 2; max 5 Silver: min 3; max 8 Bronze: min 1; max 11 Other team building rules can be found here: Re-vamped spreadsheet is attached for immediate use. Please note that I will be checking every roster posted. With these changes, there are bound to be mistakes. Therefore, please post as soon as possible so I can check. Per league rules, it is not permitted to play a game without posting an approved roster!!! I will be 'Liking' each roster to indicate approval for this upcoming season. When posting, please be sure to include everything shown on the 'CAG NFL' tab. Feel free to PM me with questions and suggestions. Here's a link to upload the new spreadsheet for immediate use. CAG Roster Spreadsheet (re-vamped) - 226 Points (2019 02 09).xlsb I will be posting a new thread for next season's team rosters shortly.
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