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  1. Today
  2. Brothers, My apologies but I need to postpone our next episode that was scheduled for tomorrow evening. I'm flying back to Chicago Wednesday and have to put out a fire late tomorrow evening prior to departing. Rescheduled date TBD
  3. Rescheduled for to tomorrow at 745 central.
  4. Raiders
  5. Raiders @ Falcons tonight at 730 central on twitch
  6. Yesterday
  7. Denver Broncos.
  8. Chicago Bears
  9. Last week
  10. Philadelphia Eagles
  11. With vacations, relocations, most teams built, etc. we should return to a more standard season. Enjoy the competition!
  12. Gents, I am still 'off the grid' - move consuming every moment from now through weekend. We catch up as soon as I can.
  13. @MightyRx, I'm going to have to build my team again to see if we can play. Let's plan for Tuesday at 9pm ET.
  14. @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 @HeavyHitter55 @SitnHereFlossin I'll be available late tonight. (After 10 p EST) I'll be available tomorrow around 9p EST. I'll be available Tuesday at 6p EST. Lmk...
  15. To anyone on my schedule, I'll be on late night tonight.(midnight+ EST) Get at me!
  16. It was really a great game. I went for it because I had no rhythm on offense (I think I had 4 possessions total in the game), and I wasn't sure if I could move the ball in OT.
  17. Bears over the Browns 7-6 in a defensive slugfest. POG RB Jordan Howard 15/48 rushing 4/32 receiving and the first score of the game with 8 sec left. The Browns connect on a hail mary but sputtered on the 2 point try. Gutsy call @aquickassasin! STAT........CHI..........CLE TY...........162...........126 PY...........113...........102 RY.............49.............24 TO...............1..............0 PR...........70.8.........150.9 Tough battle @aquickassasin
  18. Bears vs Browns
  19. Episode #5 - Airing Tuesday 09.26.17 - Time TBD - Mystery guest on the show Details to follow
  21. I should be online at that time
  22. How about tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:30 CT?
  23. @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 I'll be available beginning at 6p. @HeavyHitter55 We still on for tonight at 9p?
  24. Sorry everyone, I meant to send that to @dazzo47's DM.
  25. @dazzo47 They're all afraid of you, hence why they haven't responded to your request to play. In fact, @tjspeaks told me in a private conversation that he loses sleep whenever he has to play you.
  26. @MightyRx @aquickassasin @deeoutdat7 @tjspeaks Tuesday-Friday @7:30 PM CT
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