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  2. @dazzo47 I can play anytime after 7pm central during the week. LMK sir
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  4. I'll take Thursday for $800 Alex.
  5. @SitnHereFlossin, Th, Fr 9pm ET LMK
  6. @HeavyHitter55 I'm working from home this week and unless running errands I should be available pretty much anytime. Get@me
  7. @tjspeaks. You need to open up the vault, purchase a streaming device and start streaming your games.
  8. 24 BAL 21 K.C. Great back and forth battle with lead switching between teams several times in final minutes of the game. POG: TE Hayden Hurst: 102 yards, 2 TDs great game @johgreen05 ----------------- stats ---------------- BAL x KC 359 yards 192 274 pass 183 85 rush 8 3 TOs 1 111.8 QBr 94.6
  9. Top 4 teams will compete for the title [A few days late on this gents - we will use Sat as advance day] WEEK #3 Standings and schedule
  10. Congrats to both for a successful 60th season of CAG, and to the champ in being able to hoist the dazzo47 trophy for the 8th time.
  11. @dazzo0007, When do you want to reschedule? My availability: Sa (tonight) 830-10pm ET Su-W 830-930pm ET LMK
  12. Congrats @X2KFootballG0dX
  13. GG @X2KFootballG0dX. The fumble by my gold TE inside my own 20 irritated me off. Down 3 in the blink of an eye. But for whatever reason I was calm. That toss you ran for a TD shocked the entire defense. I never saw it coming. Congrats on you 32nd CAG bowl title.
  14. Raiders hold off the Titans with a goal line stand as time ran out to pull off the victory 17-10 and win the CAG bowl in sloppy fashion. O was terrible all game. POG was HB Doug Martin with a clutch run for a TD in the final two minutes of the game to give the Raiders the lead for good. OAK TEN Passing 178 201 Rushing 34 49 Total 212 250 QBR 107.1 46.7 TO 1 3 GG Flossin!!!! It went down to the wire like I knew it would sir
  15. Hopefully the cag bowl is tonight around 7pm central. Lmk
  16. Chicago needs new mechanics... The Bears bus broke down and cant get out of the parking lot...
  17. CHI @ PHI KO at 830pm ET
  18. WEEK 1 - RAIDERS @ BEARS In the 1st half nothing went right on either side of the ball. At the half the home team found themselves down 0 - 14. If not for the D line forcing a couple errant throws the deficit would've been even larger. In the 2nd half Mitch made a couple errant red zone throws of his own. Bears management is requesting that the league test Oakland's NT for PED's. He could not be stopped. However the fans kept us encouraged, and we clawed our way back in the game. Tying the game up at 14 with :08 left in the game. In overtime 'da Bears would score a chip shot field goal to win it. Final score 17 - 14. GG @X2KFootballG0dX I was down & out at halftime, with no confidence in my offense. POG - The defense for the 2nd half shutout, creating 5 turnovers, & 4 sacks, allowing our offense the opportunity to make it a game. TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS BEARS 307 41 266 57.4 5 RAIDERS 310 8 302 86.2 3
  19. That game, was crazy!
  20. Raiders over the Packers 20-17 Packers decided to go all blitz on the last play of the game and got burnt with WR Marquis Bryant catching the ball over the middle and breaking a tackle to coast into the endzone for W No stats due to network error GG Dazo0007. It's heartbreaker man. I know it can hurt sometimes. GG
  21. Week 2 - Dazzo @ Flossin' In our 1st game with rookie head coach Nagy and 2nd year quarterback Mitch Trubiski, his 1st game with a new offense, coach Nagy played it safe and kept the ball out of Mitch's hands. With only 6 passing attempts 'da Bears (man it feels good to type that!) relied on the legs of Tarik Cohen to the tune of 20 carries for 94 yards & a TD. But it was the defense who made that philosophy possible. POG Khalil Mack showed the world why he's the highest paid defensive player. He only registered 1 sack, but had countless QB hurries, while complimenting his play with a 37 yard interception return. 'da Bears preserve the shutout 17 - 0. GG @dazzo47 MAN IT FEELS GOOD PLAYING WITH MY SQUAD! THANKS @tjspeaks! TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS FLOSSIN' 154 62 92 41.8 1 DAZZO0047 122 34 88 61.1 1
  22. we are set - thanks
  23. @tjspeaks Friday is good
  24. @johgreen05 Thurs-Sat @ 8:00 PM EST?
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  26. Standings and schedule Top 4 teams will compete for the title Your fav team & players compete for the title!
  27. Standings & Schedule:
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