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  3. Current Bowl Projections with 2 weeks to go Semifinals 4 @dazzo47 Notre Dame vs 1 @X2KFootballG0dX Texas Tech 3 @HeavyHitter55 Florida vs 2 @dazzo0007 Tennessee Minor Bowl 6 @tjspeaks Maryland vs 5 @SitnHereFlossin Miami Standby 7 @AllenJD4lifeProductions Florida State *In danger of not making required 6 games 8 @aquickassasin Ohio State (must complete 5 games in 2 weeks ) *All other teams are 1 to 2 games away from reaching 6 required games Currently if @tjspeaks or @SitnHereFlossin decline minor bowl offer they'll be replaced by @AllenJD4lifeProductions If @aquickassasin has 6 games All teams will have required week 8 bowl game
  4. I counted 7 lol gg sir it's a working progress with this team never run gold o line huge waste
  5. Texas Tech over the tough Florida St. Seminoles 31-7 POG Tech Defense with 6 picks Not stats due to network error GG Allen!!!!!!
  6. Yesterday
  7. See you then.
  8. Saturday @ 9 PM EDT is good. thanks
  9. @X2KFootballG0dX we still good for 7 pm CDT tonight?
  10. Thanks bud
  11. @tjspeaks, Wednesday, Thursday at 7:30 PM CT or Saturday at 8:00 PM CT?
  12. Friday at 8:30 pm et?
  13. @SitnHereFlossin exaggerating again...31-28
  14. Last week
  15. NCAA Bowl Championship Series WEEK #6 Standings & Schedule:
  16. Thanks. I enter all scores but on occasion our free website does not record the games even though they have been entered and it appears they are in. Everyone should check the standings on occasion.
  17. @tjspeaks Peeking at the standings I noticed that you have not included a win that @HeavyHitter55 has over me earlier this season. I forget the score. I think he won 40 - 10.
  18. @dazzo0007 The earliest I can play this week is Friday. Weekend is pending my wife's & kids approval. Get@me
  19. @AllenJD4lifeProductions roster for next season. Don't forget you'll need to put it into next season's roster thread.
  20. Can someone photo this? CAG Roster Spreadsheet - 162 Points (4).xlsx
  21. Im completely rebooting my offense into my NFL 2k5 offense next season.
  22. If anyone is free today and interested: Baltimore Vultures @ Carolina Skyhawks @dazzo47 and @dazzo0007 return to the field @MightyRx with the color commentary Today @ 5:30 PM EDT
  23. @aquickassasin if you can play tonight or tomorrow lmk when should be able to make a time work
  24. Planning on doing a show tonight
  25. Happy birthday @dazzo0007
  26. Texas Tech remain unbeaten with a tough win over the Maryland Terrapins 21-17 POG WR Dave Parks 4 Rec 132 yards and 2 TDs TT UM Passing 240 124 Rushing 6 43 Total 246 167 TO 1 0 QBR 130.2 138.2 GG TJ!!!!
  27. The @dazzo47 of old would not have had the offensive firepower to overcome that deficit. The Daz of the past several seasons however, this game was just getting started. Joe Cool threaded a needle on a big 3rd down conversion for Notre Dame's 1st touchdown that was a game changer.
  28. Yes I would like to get our game in if you can. I know you are trailing quite a bit. Lmk when. I have big brother at 9 pm edt tonight. Would be more free Friday/Saturday.
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