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  1. Yesterday
  2. If anyone wants to scrimmage today or tomorrow any time please email me at
  3. I miss Lovie. Hopefully coach Nagy can get this thing turned around. I'm tired of coming to the realization that our season is over by mid October.
  4. @SitnHereFlossin, just like the 2006 Bears. Sound defense, usually wins the turnover battle (smart offensively) and generally enjoys good field position thanks to great special team play. All three served Lovie well and are huge in our shortened 5 min quarter game.
  5. @dazzo0007 Fri, Sat, Sun or Mon 7-9 PM EST?
  6. Wow the way @deeoutdat7 ended the season I was predicting an upset. It never ceases to amaze me when I look at the stat line of @dazzo0007 games. How he continues to pull it off, I will never know. GG men!
  7. great season @deeoutdat7 hope you are back for next season
  8. TO’s 0 - 2 POG - DB M. Burnett w/ 4 tackles and 2 INTs: one INT put the pack in great field position for the go-ahead score, and the other sealed the win. GG, @deeoutdat7 I almost blew a gasket when your receiver caught that tipped pass for the 50 yard TD. Well played on both sides of the balI. I had a hard time stopping your bronze Q. He hit some great passes. Conversely, I had to really work at picking up any yards offensively.
  9. Sounds good Daz
  10. Last week
  11. Thank you for your patience RS. How about Thursday at 8PM CT?
  12. If anyone wants to scrimmage later on I have an older cag team from season 33 If they don't mind playing
  13. Sounds good
  14. 8:30 pm et tonight?
  15. I believe it was a long time coming Doug Martin getting released it should of happened 2 years ago. I just read Wentz will have to wear a knee brace I believe this will impact his career. I projected Goff would be the better qb but not this way.
  16. Gg, this was a frustrating one. So many tipped passes, so many times my players just stood there and didn't make a play on the ball. Too many plays were let on the field tonight. Your team came to play, mine did not
  17. Nightmares over the tough Onslaught 24-20 POG QB Matt Burgess 16 of 25 for 290 yds 3 tds 2 int CC PHI Passing 290 193 Rushing 1 84 Total 291 277 TO 2 0 QBR 110.0 109.0 GG Double HH!!!
  18. Now all we have to do is get everyone else on board and we can tag CAG to a global level!
  19. Corpus Christi Nightmares taking on the Philadelphia Onslaught in Philly Kickoff off at 9:00 pm ET
  20. Corpus Christi Nightmares @ Philadelphia Onslaught Scheduled for 9 et on twitch
  21. @dazzo0007 I’m free the rest of the week at 7-10 pm cst to play our game. lmk what works for you.
  22. Let's aim for Thursday.
  23. np Daz, I can play anytime after 7 ct the rest of the week. LMK
  24. lets shoot for tues at 9 et.
  25. Smash vs Night Vultures @LynnRamos Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sat, Sun @ 8 PM EST LMK
  26. @X2KFootballG0dX, sorry I didn’t post sooner. Been having problems with my team. I should have everything ironed out soon and will post my availability at that time.
  27. @X2KFootballG0dX, Tu-F 9pm ET LMK
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