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  2. Rockstar Games has fixed an exploit in Grand Theft Auto 5 that allowed modders to kill or kick other players, including those not in the multiplayer session or even playing the single player mode. According the Reddit user FriendlyBaron, the PC exploit was made possible because of a new menu that shows users' Rockstar Social Club ID numbers to other players. With the right tools, other players could then use this information to change your game, killing you at any point -- even when they weren't with you. Continue reading… View the full article
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  4. If you think you rule at Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode then now is the time to prove it, because we're giving an epic prize to whoever can pull off the best kill. We're giving away a 4K TV along with a code for Black Ops Pass on a platform of your choice to the creator of our favourite kill footage, so you can continue annihilating your friends in 65-inch, Ultra HD glory. Five runners-up will each win a code for Black Ops Pass. You will need to capture your footage from Blackout Mode only. Be as brutal or sneaky as you like, just make sure your kill stands out from the crowd. And if you managed to take out more than one person at the same time, even better. If it's awesome enough the winning footage will be featured in a video and advert on IGN. Continue reading… View the full article
  5. Days Gone has been delayed until April 26, 2019. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, SIEA marketing vice president Asad Qizilbash wrote that Sony “decided to move the release of Days Gone from the crowded February timeframe” into April. “While the studio is eager to see Days Gone in the hands of fans, Bend Studio will take the opportunity to further polish Days Gone,” he added. Days Gone was previously scheduled for February 22, 2019. The game was originally due out this year but was delayed to 2019 back in March. Continue reading… View the full article
  6. No worries. I have family in town so the weekend isn’t a possibility. Monday I will be watching Houston’s defensive coordinator stifle Alaska. Pick a day between Tuesday and Friday.
  7. @SitnHereFlossin, yeah too late.
  8. @dazzo47 i Don’t know if it’s too late for you but I can play now if you’re available?
  9. No problem @SitnHereFlossin. lmk when you become available.
  10. Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas launched this week, marking a surprising return to the toys-to-life genre that burned out last year. But unlike games like Skylanders or Disney Infinity, you don’t actually need Starlink’s physical toys to play it -- in fact, it’s way better (and cheaper) to skip them entirely. That’s right, not only can you play the game without having a ship strapped to your controller, the digital versions of Starlink come with more ships, pilots, and guns than the physical versions do at a lower overall price. You can watch our review of Starlink below, and see a breakdown of its different options after that. Continue reading… View the full article
  11. Starlink: Battle for Atlas feels like it’s trying to crash a party that’s already packed up and moved on. Toys-to-life games like Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and LEGO Dimensions all dominated the toy sections three years ago, but that time has come and gone. That’s not to say that Starlink: Battle for Atlas isn’t good, because it’s a surprisingly rich and ambitious exploration and combat-focused, story-driven experience. But the “toys” part comes off as a little unnecessary, especially when Starlink rewards digital players more than physical ones. Starlink: is a story of space exploration with a ragtag crew of characters who all bring unique personalities and skills to the table. At the very least, Ubisoft has done a good job of establishing the admittedly generic “Starlink” brand into one I wouldn’t mind seeing more of in future games. Cutscenes are well produced and engaging, feeling a little like watching the latest Netflix Original Animated Series play out. Continue reading… View the full article
  12. Square Enix debuted nine new Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots, and three character renders, highlighting the returning cast from Kingdom Hearts 2's Twilight Town. Previously glimpsed in trailers already, the screenshots, which you can check out in the gallery below, show off Hayden, Pence, and Olette and highlight areas like Ansem's lab, the Old Mansion, and more. Of course, these characters first debuted in Kingdom Hearts 2, during that sequel's introductory sequence featuring Sora's Nobody, Roxas. While we really haven't seen much of Roxas himself in the glimpses of Kingdom Hearts 3 so far, he's clearly an integral part of the plot, given the frequent mentions of him in past trailers. Continue reading… View the full article
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  14. Feel free to kick the new season off Friday if 2 teams are ready to go! Have a great season everyone! Standings & Schedule:
  15. @dazzo47 i hate to do this but my wife just dragged me up out of the house. I have family in town and I have been forced to chauffeur them around to look at some houses. I need to reschedule. My sincere apologies.
  16. You can breathe underwater by finding this Legendary Weapon in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. View the full article
  17. CAG 60 Philadelphia Eagles:
  18. If using the previous season's team build, here's the link to last season (just to make things easier):
  19. Baltimore: no changes
  20. post rosters or note if no change from LIX
  21. Hello Call of Duty fans! This year we're trying something new: because Black Ops 4's modes are so different, we're reviewing them separately, followed by our overall review and score. This part covers Multiplayer – be sure to check out the others next. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Review Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Review Continue reading… View the full article
  22. Ladies and Gentlemen, this week's episode is a blast from the past. Craig Harris, former NVC host and IGN editor returns to talk about his review of Starlink: Battle for Atlas. We're also giving you a quick update on some light Nintendo news and then we're taking a look at Craig's list of the best Gameboy Advance games. Trust me, we argue about it A LOT. Take a look at our list here: Remember, you can watch NVC here on IGN on Thursdays at 3pm PT. Catch the video and audio 24 hours later on our YouTube channel (subscribe and hit that bell! It gives fairies wings!) or listen to it on your commute in audio format. If you enjoy the show, share it with other Nintendo fans, leave us a comment, and give us a thumbs up or leave us a review! If you prefer audio over video, please subscribe to NVC on iTunes or your podcast service of choice. Continue reading… View the full article
  23. Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive filed a court case that resulted in a police search of two Australian residences connected to individuals allegedly responsible for creating and selling a popular cheat for Grand Theft Auto 5. Originally reported by Torrent Freak (via Kotaku Australia), the Federal Court of Australia issued a search warrant (which can be found here) for two Melbourne residences in September linked with the creation and distribution of the “Infamous” set of cheats for GTA 5. Those involved have been restrained from “developing, distributing or selling" these cheats, and can suffer prison time if they don’t comply. Continue reading… View the full article
  24. The monumental highs of victory and crushing lows of narrowly losing in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout are experiences I've had in other battle royale games before, but the road to these memorable moments highlight a significant leap in gameplay fidelity and polish for the genre. Call of Duty’s responsive and forgiving gunplay, nimble movement, and creative but practical equipment fit beautifully into the trendy last man standing format. It’s not just a one-way street though, as the dynamic battle royale setting provides some much-needed variance and consequence to Call of Duty’s at times superficial combat loop. I did experience and see others have some technical issues that warrant concern, but when it’s running smoothly, Blackout is nothing short of the most enjoyable battle royale I’ve played to date. Continue reading… View the full article
  25. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reportedly had more active players in its first three days than Call of Duty: WW2 or Black Ops 3, with sales reportedly surpassing $500 million worldwide. According to a press release from Activision, the combined number of Black Ops 4 players across its three modes (competitive multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout) has surpassed that of Call of Duty: WWII and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s single player, multiplayer and Zombies modes. Black Ops 4 has also reportedly set franchise records for most combined players, average hours played and total number of hours played on the current generation of consoles in its first three days. It also received a series record high of Twitch viewers for a Call of Duty opening weekend. Continue reading… View the full article
  26. A number of independently owned video game stores aren’t expecting to receive copies of Red Dead Redemption 2 until November. As reported by Kotaku, various independent game retailers, as well as the gaming rental service GameFly, don’t believe they will get copies of the game on its release date of October 26 like major retailers including GameStop, Best Buy and more are expected to receive. Instead, many are expecting copies to arrive a week or so later. These retailers aren’t entirely sure why this is happening, though issues of supply constraints, as well as a fears of mom-and-pop stores potentially breaking the game’s street date, were both touched on by shop owners. Some stores have noted that there’s a possibility that they could receive Xbox One copies of the game on time, though the probability that many independent retailers won’t get any copies of the game within its first week of release is reportedly high. Continue reading… View the full article
  27. Things I Learned From Mario’s Butt: A Series of Gaming Butt Critiques is an upcoming 160-page illustrated coffee table book that’s currently being funded on Unbound. The bulbous book is written by Kotaku’s Laura Kate Dale and includes full-color illustrations from Zack Flavin. The hardbound homage to digital derrieres is set to include insights into the rear ends of Luigi, Solid Snake, Cortana, Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask, Miranda from Mass Effect and much, much more. It is planned to include 55 original illustrations alongside 40,000 words about gaming’s most prominent posteriors. Credit: Laura Kate Dale, Zack Flavin Continue reading… View the full article
  28. If you’re one of the many jumping into Dark Souls for the first time on the Nintendo Switch, you’re in for a treat! As we covered in our Dark Souls Remastered on Switch review, the remastered version is the ideal way to play. But as you know, this series has earned a reputation for being hard for a reason. This is where we come in! Here are some of the best tips to help new Dark Souls players ease into the dangerous and exciting world of Lordran. Don’t Worry About Classes Continue reading… View the full article
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