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  2. So I read this book yesterday after seeing this post.... That.... was amazing
  3. Visceral games was just closed down by Ea, so I doubt we'll ever see another dead space game :,(
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  5. Yeah, I see what you mean. I guess the fact that Dead Space 4 can canned after the poor reception of 3 means we wont have to endure a Dead Space: Resurrection.
  6. Did anyone else notice how the dead space series ended up just like the Aliens movies. Like, the first one is a very scary, nerve racking horror game, the second a action packed thriller, and the third a sub par action movie trying to be something its not.
  7. if you haven't read this beutiful work of art yet, you need to. With the new movies out, its part of the legacy continuity, however, that doesn't make it any less brilliant. A zombie horror on a star destroyer is a dream come true!
  8. they just released a CGI sequel, so I could imagine a remake of the first to get people invested into the show. Heres the trailer:
  9. Thats true. I still refuse to read the forerunner trilogy myself. I feel it would ruin the mystery behind them.
  10. I wasn't too fond of contact harvest. Both contact harvest and fall of reach had too much exposition crammed into them to work well in my opinion.
  11. I agree. My favorite novel in the series would have to be Contact Harvest. It sets the stage for the whole intergalactic war.
  12. The Halo novels based around the game are amazing. Eric Nylund, the writer of the flagship trilogy of books, was hired by Microsoft to give halo a story, and his book created what we now know as the halo extended universe. His books, Fall of Reach, and First Strike, take place before and after the first halo game, giving lots of context to the events in the game. if you read the books and then play halo 2 and 3 you'll notice tons of Easter eggs and references to the lore created by the books. The series has around 20 installments now by various writers and I could not suggest it more. Even if you don't play the game, there is a novelization of the first game so you can at least enjoy the original Nylund trilogy. TL;DR THE BOOKS ARE FUN TO READ
  13. Stargate is coming back with a miniseries, and has all 3 series available for streaming. It seems MGM has given them control over the franchise. I think this miniseries is MGMs way of testing the water for future stargate shows, so I want everyone to support the first episode if they can, that said, do you guys think it will be good? Stargate Universe had its ups and downs.
  14. i mean, i didn't HATE it but I didn't LOVE it either, and as Shawn said, its ridiculous how hard it is just to be able to watch it. It's hardly user friendly.
  15. I'm completely on the other side of the spectrum! I enjoy what I saw of it, but didn't get to finish the show because DirectTV's DVR isn't smart enough to time shift due to major league sports running late (I miss Cable!) That said, I'm not big enough of a Trek fan to PAY to watch the rest of the season so I guess I'll never know what happens...
  16. I don't know about anyone else here, but star trek discovery met my low expectations of the series. The previous star trek shows felt natural and were produced by people who really seemed to care for the show. Discovery really feels like people with no interest in scifi or geek culture trying to profit off it. It felt off, the cast don't really fit well within the ship, the whole attitude felt awkward to me while watching it. Was anyone else as disappointed as I was?
  17. Welcome! FYI We are getting ready to relaunch our sister site, net week
  18. Just picked up the new remastered edition - man SC2 has so many improvements I missed lol
  19. Agreed, and maybe make it more of a serious sci fi movie this time
  20. Thanks for the recommendation Kiron!
  21. Hi guys, I'm the newest member of the crew. For my background, I'm a Web Designer at Petstreetmall which is an online store that sells pet supply. I love playing computer games watching sci-fi movies and reading books well now it is a light novel on the internet now. I do hope to get along with every one.
  22. I recommend you to Read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
  23. They should remake the Starship Troopers
  24. Starcraft is the most epic Sci Fi game ever!
  25. I've watched Ender's Game. it is all about a boy who is very good at strategies and he was recruited by the higher up to battle the other life forms.
  26. In the first season of Colony we find mankind living on an Earth where an Alien race has imposed a sort of marshal law. There's a curfew, limitations on travel, and law enforcement agencies have been replaced with "red hat" collaborators who show little mercy and are backed up by alien drones. All of this is already in place when Season 1 began, so when I realized that the Season 2 premiere was mostly focused on the the hours leading up to the aliens arrival I was quite intrigued. In retrospect, I have to say it was it was quite satisfying to learn the back stories of so man characters and sequence of events only hinted at in the original season, however I was left with little to know understanding of where season 2 is going. Hopefully, the next few episodes (which have already aired) will move the story forward and answer some of the questions like why the Aliens are here and what are they mining. That said, I wondering if anyone else is watching this show, and what do you think? Shawn T.
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