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  2. Wednesday the Destiny 2 Beta begins for XBOX One pre-orders and I hope to livestream my experience! That said, what are the chances it will go smoothly? Anyhow, is anyone else getting Destiny 2 for Xbox One? So far these friends have chimed in: - Greylock3491 (me) - Spyrle - Wonderboy v2
  3. This story is about a new "Steam Link" app coming to 4K TVs and it's very cool! Like NetFlix or YouTube, you'll now be able to stream your PC games to your TV without needing another box! Hopefully Sony and Microsoft will jump on board and allow console streaming so you don't need a PC to "remote" play your console on another TV.
  4. Amazon has the Oculus Rift + Touch + 7 games bungle for just $399:
  5. I only spent $1.50 this year - picked up Halo Spartan Strike
  6. Good morning, Lots going on today! First, for great deals on XBOX games check out the XBOX sale which starts today! Of all the deals Halo Wars 2 caught my eye (just bought it last month lol) Also going on right now are the Steam summer sale, PS4 sale, GOG sale, Oculus sale, and well I think that's it! Next, the remastered edition of Starcraft/Broodwars release date and price has been announced and it comes out 8-14-17 and only costs $15? On top of that, the original is now free?!? Wow - that's cool! Finally, I've been looking into pre-ordering Destiny 2 so I can get into the XBOX beta and think I'm going to get the digital game + expansion passes for $89... I would get the disc edition if it was included in either the Amazon or Best Buy discount programs, but it's not Weird. In fact, only Gamespot has access to the $100 deluxe edition - also weird and kind of ticks me off. Honestly, I think all the other retailers should drop the game as Bungie/Activation is only allowing them to sell the base game. It would be a drop in the bucket for them but would hurt Activision and Bungie as only the most loyal fans will go to gamestop to get a physical edition. And on that note I'm off to work! Have a great independence day weekend everyone! Grey
  7. The Steam Summer sale is live! Elite is down to $35. So far I haven't bought anything.
  8. Get the Oculus Rift, Touch, and $100 Oculus store credit for $600!
  9. This is my pick from E3: Anthem
  10. Found this E3 video showing the inside of the XBOX One X and it's pretty cool!
  11. I just took the plunge and ordered a PS4 Slim (Uncharted 4 Edition) and pre-ordered Elite Dangerous on Disc. My purpose in doing so was to support my game channel The Gamers Show as I do a lot of Elite vids and wanted to get in on Elite Dangerous at launch. Now I would love to have bought the PS4 Pro, but my budget it tight right now (and really want an XBOX One X...) And that's also the reason I went with the Elite disc version - with my Best Buy (or Amazon) membership the disc version was only $39.99. I also picked up the Uncharted Collection for $12 since Uncharted 2 was my favorite PS3 game of all time, and I never did play U1. Grey
  12. With so many new games coming out I need a list to keep track! x June 27th - Elite on PS4 - July 19th - Destiny 2 pre-order beta on xbox - August 14 - Starcraft remastered released - August 24th - Star Citizen 3.0 - September 6th - Destiny 2 console release - October 6-9 BF2 Beta - November 7th - Xbox One X - November 17th - Battlefront 2 - December 15th - Star Wars Episode 8 Last Jedi ...
  13. Last night at 5pm I sat down in an XBL live party with my youngest and turned on the XBOX E3 briefing. Mixer issues aside (everyone I talked to said they had mega issues watching via the service) I liked what I heard. That's not to say there wasn't a lot shown that didn't apply to me, however what did was pretty awesome. Here's my short list: - The new game Anthem looks awesome. Open world and built for four player co-op, this game reminds me of a cross between Destiny and Titanfall. - XBOX One X coming November 7th at $499. You can't build a PC with the same horse power anywhere close to that price! - XBOX One X is SMALLER than the S!!! Wow - Minecraft getting Win10, VR, XBOX One, Mobile, and Switch crossplay, with the "possible" addition of PS4 in the future. On a sad note no mention of Win 7/8 or XBOX 360 which is sad, especially since my old iPad will support crossplay while my much more powerful 360 and Win7 gaming pc won't. - Original XBOX Backwards Compatibility Coming - I still have all my discs, woot! Rumor is network play is coming back too! - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Is An Xbox One X Launch Exclusive - this is very popular on pc right now - nice job MS - Lots of other cross buy and exclusive games - well done Microsoft. Here's what I still want to see at E3: - Destiny 2 - Battlefront 2 - Elite Dangerous 2.4 and XBX and PS4P enhancements Well that's it for me - what did you think?
  14. Just a quick update to let you know that I've created a new XBOX Live Club called "The Gamers Show" so friends and guests of the show can find out when we have scheduled to livestream next For info on how to request to join a club see the below link:
  15. I truly enjoyed Destiny 1, and can't wait till December to pickup Destiny 2!!!
  16. The BEST Cargo and Exploration Ships For New Elite Dangerous Players (2017): If you’ve enjoyed this episode please “like” and “subscribe”
  17. The BEST Combat Ships For New Elite Dangerous Players (2017): If you’ve enjoyed this episode please “like” and “subscribe”
  18. Astroneer: From The Beginning If you’ve enjoyed this episode please “like” and “subscribe”
  19. One of the only downsides I ran into when upgrading to an XBOX One S (XB1S) was the fact that I couldn’t use my Kinect for voice commands anymore. That’s because the smaller, more portable XB1S doesn’t have a built-in Kinect port. To address this, for a limited time Microsoft is offering a free KinectView the full article
  20. How To Play: Elite Dangerous (2017) If you've enjoyed this episode please "like" and and "subscribe"
  21. As a young boy growing up in the seventies, I enjoyed playing Cops and Robbers and Cowboys and Indians with my neighbors and friends. We’d often play for the longest periods after returning from the store with a new bow and arrow, or six shooter “cap” gun with several fresh rolls of exploding “caps” Fifty yearsView the full article
  22. Like many people I know, I’m a long time customer of Microsoft which is one of the biggest and richest companies on the planet. I’m also a happy XBOX gamer and Live subscriber. Well, most of the time. This holiday I received an XBOX Live points / cash card (or whatever they call it now) and decided to buyView the full article
  23. i think the excuse I hear most often on why digital is priced the same as a physical copy is because of the cost of the servers and storage space they use to house the digital copy. I'm really thinking of just getting most of my games when they are on sale since I buy strictly digital now.
  24. I never thought I would want to go digital. In fact, I still buy most of my music on CD since it's so easy to rip them to mp3s, and I don't ever have to worry about backing up my digital music collection. You know, for when that massive EMP hits and erases all our hard drives? Hopefully it doesn't effect the circuits of our CD players too... which could be a problem now that I think about it? But I digress. So here I was, happily buying everything on physical media, then Steam happened. By that I mean awesome Steam sales with great games wicked cheap happened! Or more accurately put, classic PC games for pennies on the dollar each time a Steam sale rolls around. At first, it was all about the sale for me (hey, I'm frugal!) But as time when on, it became more about the convenience of having access to my games library from anywhere at anytime. No more digging through old boxes in the attic, or worrying about scratched CDs, or whether or not needed patches were still available online. So then the XBOX ONE comes out and I'm thinking hey, why don't I just go all digital there too? This point was driven home when I was out of town visiting a friend and realized I had forgot the game disc we had planned on playing (thank you Red Box for saving the weekend!) Then comes the fall releases and the other shoe drops (actually more like kicks me) - To go digital is going to be expensive! Why?!?!?!? So, for some reason Amazon, Best Buy, and others can give you a 5%-20% discount on the physical copy of a new release AND ship it to you for free AND have it to you the morning of the release. BUT they offer no discounts on what has to be the extremely less expensive to handle online digital code. Yes, you heard that right. They give you a good discount on the item they physically stock and ship, but the little jpeg picture of a digital code is sold at list price. But wait, there's more. For the convenience of going digital, not only do you get to pay full list price, you also lose the ability to return a defective game because their is nothing to return. The one exception may be if you purchased it directly from the console's store, but even those refunds seem to be rare. And obviously you also lose any opportunity to trade the game in if it was something you just didn't care for, or tired of it quickly. So while going digital does make sense when you find good old games deeply discounted, for new games it seems like it's too expensive and has little upside. Well, at lease that's what I think. Feel free to share what you think below. Oh, and if you know of any EMP proof CD player enclosures please post those as well, Until next time, ~PEACE~ Grey
  25. Ha! My big brother (Bill) came home with an Atari (no idea which one) and we played lots of games on it. Pong, Tanks, Shooting Gallery..... I was hooked then also. Good times!
  26. My story is very similar but early eighties and with the Vectrex, it was an all in one system. It was a monitor with the controller built into the base, I thought it was the coolest thing ever!!
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