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  2. Hey Guys, Thanks for all your replies! I totally support your thoughts on rebranding and starting a new channel. If you need any advice on setting your YouTube channel up please don't hesitate to ask - best way is either texting me or XBOX live messaging me. I only ask that if/when you do that you send me a message so I can do the "back end" clean up on BOG like I did for CAG - I like both names and want to keep them in the stable even if today I can't do anything with them. Probably would also make sense to post a simple "we're moving" video on the BOG channel letting folks know the new channel name and link, etc. However, please also feel free to continue on as BOG as long as you like - I wish I was there with you but at the present I'm finding I only can squeeze in one "extra-curricular" activity after work :-( PS - I'm looking pretty heavily at Beam's (now Mixer's) new Co-op streaming feature which seems perfect for four player co-op streams PPS - If any of you ever feel like playing some Elite (any platform) Star Citizen (PC) or Destiny 2 (XBO) send me a txt or XBOX msg and let me know as I've expanded The Gamers Show to include guests, as well as expanding into games beyond Elite. I typically play Sundays and Wednesdays 7pm-9pm, and some Sunday afternoons during the NFL off season. PPPS - Please also feel free to stop in and say hi over in The Gamers Site forums - while CAG is closed I'm keeping that other forum open so I can still post thoughts and news. You friend, Grey
  3. Yeah, we are definitely in discussions to pivot where the podcast might be heading. I guess the big takeaway is that we wanted to make sure we were not a burden on you, Grey, doing any admin if we re-start a newly branded show or decouple ourselves from the legacy CAG name and structure. I'm not sure how much you are paying to store stuff and keep it visible on the web, but if it is a drain, please feel free to let me know and maybe we can look at an alternate source, or if you want to take things down and stop paying for them, and that should drive us to a timeline to remove our dependency, please feel free to let us know that too. And as @dbqhams mentioned, please feel free to take the empty fourth chair as a rejoin or just as an occasional guest whenever you would like. It'll still always be the house that you built, so you are always welcome.
  4. @Greylock3491 As @osiris prime said, we've been talking for the past week or two about what the show could/should be going forward. Without the potential built in audiences of CAG, we are thinking about what comes next. Playing around with formats, scope, hosting, and branding are all open to discussion. Just like your focus on Elite, we are trying to go where there is an audience... and at some point decide if there even is an audience. Your suggestion of redirecting domains is appreciated. I wonder if it is worth holding off on until we decide on what comes next. It'd be great to have you back regardless of what changes occur. Please know that your are welcome to the regular Monday night or the short Thursday news show. It looks like you stopped doing the daily news videos back in March, so if you want an outlet to discuss stuff... there's a chair open for you. DB
  5. Hey Grey, Hope everything is going well. We have been thinking of doing some new things with the show, one of which we already started by doing 2 shows a week. We have split up the format as of now we do what we play and topic of the week on one day and the other day we go through the news. This makes the shows a little shorter (usually, lol) and we are able to get out more content during the week. This could also change in the future, we are throwing different ideas around to change up the podcast. We might also start to do play sessions together and twitch/beam that also to put up as another piece of content. With all these changes (and more to come possibly) we were also thinking of moving away from the Band of Gamers name as it's starting to be different beast then when we first started.
  6. Hey my friends, I hope all is well and I'm glad you guys are still having a lot of fun doing the show! As for me, it seems lately I can only focus on one thing after work, and while I miss hanging with you guys as well as writing Sci Fi reviews, the little time I have is all going into my Elite Dangerous videos right now. That said, I recently updated the Patreon site to acknowledge only BOG, CAGNFL, and TGS are currently active, and I'll leave it up to you guys as to if you would like to promote it or not (I'll send you any the funds that come to BOG from there.) As far as YouTube, looks like it's only up to $0.27 this year, but if you guys see it start growing let me know and I'll send you the money. Finally, I was thinking it might make sense to have redirect to the YouTube channel since nothing it happening on the site (and it looks dead) - do you guy see any problems with that? Sincerely, Grey
  7. I'm good with just doing 2 segments. That way we don't have to rush through the last one. Maybe do the 2 segments, we still have to talk about the scorpio and there was a Nintendo direct that we can speak about also.
  8. I'm good for tonight. Do we want to go with Top Stories of 2017 or grab 2 segments from our normal rotation?
  9. I like @Zeuxidamas idea. By the time we get to covering news it's more discussion and analysis than breaking news. "I'm wondering if we only do 2 of our three main segments that we normally do if we can get the show down to 45 minutes. I know we could do this by taking less time on a segment, but if we cannot fully discuss an area and do all three in the time, I'd just as soon just try to do two a week? I hate starting a segment or area and not getting time to fully vet it. But I'm not hard over on this so I'll go whichever way you guys say. "
  10. I should be good for tomorrow.
  11. Sorry guys, been fighting a sore throat and it wasn't getting any better so just didn't have it in me last night. Hopefully I'll be good for next week!
  12. Not seeing anyone on as of 8:20PM. Guessing it's a bust for tonight. If you're just running late, @osiris prime give me a shout via email or something. i am pretty free tonight. If not, let's plan on next week? I have to start a new PC build tomorrow and will likely still be at it Wednesday.
  13. Probably not going to make it tonight but I'm going to try.
  14. I'm good for tonight. I'm not sure there is that much to talk about on Scorpio, although we always say that and manage to fill up the time. And some things could be said about what they have not talked about. I also have had no time to curate a timeline of stories from the 1st quarter of the year. I'd pitch we just do a regular show, covering the XB1 Scorpio as our main discussion topic (spilling it over to a discussion of this generation and these HW refreshes and how they shake things out against the Switch and the PS4 with the PS4 pro in the mix, etc), and then do news and then wrap. I'm wondering if we only do 2 of our three main segments that we normally do if we can get the show down to 45 minutes. I know we could do this by taking less time on a segment, but if we cannot fully discuss an area and do all three in the time, I'd just as soon just try to do two a week? I hate starting a segment or area and not getting time to fully vet it. But I'm not hard over on this so I'll go whichever way you guys say.
  15. I don't know that I have a lot to say about it either, but @Zeuxidamas is the one with the hardware chops.
  16. We can talk about it, it was really only the specs so not sure if it will take up alot of time. no price, games or release date.
  17. So, with the Scorpio announcements today... should that be our focus for Monday night? DB
  18. Updated the notes for next week and rearranged the order of the segments. I put news and topic of the week as one and two, I know we will more or less merge those 2 for next weeks show but I just put it like that for now. I do like having the doc as a outline for the show but we don't have to follow it verbatim just more of a good starting and ending point at the very least.
  19. I'm be good to go for tonight. Still setting up space, but I'll be there. DB
  20. I'll be on the next episode for Monday, April 3rd. Updating my notes now.
  21. Great show last night guys! I updated the notes for next week.
  22. I'm good for tonight. Glad to be back. Who is hosting? DB
  23. Should still be good for tonight.
  24. I'll be on this week, Monday, 27 March. See you guys then.
  25. Updated the notes and I should be good for Monday.
  26. I might be a little late but should be on tonight.
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