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  2. TO’s 1 - 4 After weeks of anticipation, the Crushers finally do battle with the Beasts. The Crushers ball control offense was able to do just enough, but it was the D that helped secure the victory. POG - CB A. Underwood with 2 of the defense’s 4 INTs GG, @SitnHereFlossin
  3. DOWNLOAD UNLOCKED 343 (Audio version) To commemorate episode 343 of our show, we go full Halo and discuss our favorite memories ever and then make our own top 10 list of our favorite Halo multiplayer maps ever. Thanks to our sponsor this week, Hims. Check 'em out at Oh, and Unlocked now has its own snazzy new homepage! Bookmark this: And we've got our own YouTube channel too! Subscribe here: Continue reading… View the full article
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  5. @dazzo0007 I'm fighting a headache that has come out of nowhere, but this has gone on long enough. See you @ 8:30 eastern.
  6. Here's what we know about Fortnite's refund system and how to request a refund. View the full article
  7. The advantages of including your name in the title of a massively successful game cannot be overstated, a fact only Sid Meier and PlayerUnknown are intimately aware of. Sid Meier’s titular signature always struck me as a bit self-congratulatory, and the same could be said for PlayerUnknown but there is a valid reason for their inclusion. In the case of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the name confers legitimacy and ownership. Brendan Greene created Arma 2 DayZ Battle Royale, Arma 3 Battle Royale, and consulted on H1Z1 King of the Kill. But Battlegrounds isn’t a mod, nor is it another developer’s work, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a manifestation of Greene’s uncompromised vision. Continue reading… View the full article
  8. Sea of Thieves' latest update, patch 1.0.5, fixes flying ships among other issues as Rare continues its dedication to correcting problems in April before shifting focus to new content in May. As detailed on a recent forum post, ships will no longer shoot up into the air when sinking. Twitch streamer KonzolvilagRicsi shared a brief video highlighting the strange problem. Continue reading… View the full article
  9. Another project bites the dust
  10. Please no Derwin James
  11. Inside CAG NFL EPISODE #4 will air LIVE at 6:30 PM EDT Thursday on YouTube We will have a HUGE SHOW *2 Game of the Week #3 Recaps *Post game interviews from All 4 teams *A debate that WILL impact next season as the views WILL be from ALL standpoint * A appetizer as I rank all teams this season in a mock power rankings DON'T MISS THIS ONE
  12. Fortnite Battle Royale players have been getting ready for a meteor to hit the game map for months now, but one Reddit theory thinks it isn't a meteor at all: it's an alien mothership. As pointed out by Eurogamer, Reddit user Kensyys thinks people have had it wrong this whole time. While the focus has been on Fortnite's insanely popular Battle Royale mode, the meteor has also been visible in the PvE Save the World mode, and more potential clues there point toward aliens. Continue reading… View the full article
  13. The Avengers: Infinity War Iron Spider suit has been unveiled for Spider-Man on PlayStation 4. As detailed on PlayStation Blog, Peter Parker's shiny new gear from the upcoming MCU film is one of the three suits included in the Spidey Suit pack pre-order bonus. You can check out the Iron Spider suit in action in the gameplay trailer below. Insomniac was given access to the actual CG asset from Infinity War to ensure the suit is as authentic as possible. Marvel’s Spider-Man will feature a variety of other suits inspired by comics and film for players to try on. Continue reading… View the full article
  14. The Belgian Gaming Commission has ruled that some loot boxes are illegal, following a similar decision recently made by the Netherlands. In a statement released today from minister of justice, Koen Geens, it was announced loot boxes in FIFA 18, Overwatch, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive constitute games of chance, making them subject to Belgian gaming law. "The games with paid loot boxes, as currently offered in our country, are therefore in violation of the gaming legislation and can be dealt with under criminal law," reads the statement. "The loot boxes must therefore also be removed." Continue reading… View the full article
  15. Our IGN First month of coverage with PS4's exclusive Detroit: Become Human continues! In this new look at the cinematic PS4 adventure game from inside Quantic Dream's Paris-based development studio, game director and writer David Cage gives a DVD-style behind-the-scenes commentary on the recently released playable demo. We should note that there are no spoilers for Detroit: Become Human in the above video. Enjoy! Above: Our exclusive gameplay clip from Detroit, narrated by David Cage. Detroit: Become Human is our IGN First game for April, which means we've editorially chosen to take a look at it all month long. We traveled to Quantic Dream, and we'll be bringing you more on the next game from the studio that brought you Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Catch up on everything we've been doing. Continue reading… View the full article
  16. Dark Souls Remastered is coming to PC and console very soon, and PC players who own the original title will be able to "upgrade" at a discounted price. From Software announced the news on its Twitter account, offering a 50% discount to owners of the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on Steam. They also announced that the original game will only be available on Steam until May 9. The Nintendo Switch version of the game has been pushed back to the summer, alongside the Solaire of Astora amiibo, and the network test on the console has also subsequently been delayed. Continue reading… View the full article
  17. Sony has unveiled the PlayStation Plus free games lineup for May 2018: Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) Rayman Legends (PS4) Risen 3: Titan Lords (PS3) Eat Them! (PS3) King Oddball (PS Vita, Cross-Buy with PS3 and PS4) Furmins (PS Vita) Quantic Dreams' Beyond: Two Souls first released in 2013. In our initial review, we say Beyond "is an ambitious opus, let down by lack of meaningful player choice and an unfocused plot." Meanwhile, we gave 2013's Rayman Legends a 9.5, calling it a "delightful platformer" bursting with fresh ideas. Continue reading… View the full article
  18. Jurassic World: Evolution continues to cast some well-known stars from the franchise. Developer Frontier has announced Bryce Dallas Howard and BD Wong will reprise their roles as Claire Dearing and Dr. Henry Wu respectively, in the upcoming park building sim. However, it's not known how heavily they'll feature. Howard first appeared in 2015's Jurassic World as the park's operations manager, Claire Dearing, and the character is returning in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Meanwhile, BD Wong first portrayed Dr. Henry Wu in the original 1993 Jurassic Park and then in Jurassic World. Howard and Wong will join Jeff Goldblum, who's already been confirmed to appear in the game as Dr. Ian Malcolm. Malcolm acts as an adviser for the park you build in-game. Continue reading… View the full article
  19. yea, let us know when the swimming pool is in. #wives
  20. Draft almost here... anyone else secretly hope your team selects guys with last names in the 2K database?
  21. @tjspeaks you’re right the winter months are awesome. I was playing basketball on Christmas Day a couple years ago. The summer months will test your manhood. Though now that our blood has thinned out it’s become more tolerable. Wifey wants a swimming pool in the backyard. While I will definitely enjoy it, the financially conscious side of me (my wife calls it cheap) isn’t looking forward to that investment.
  22. @dazzo0007 My apologies for the late response. It SHOULD be okay. My teenage daughter’s plate is full with after school activities this week. I also have to get her to a physical today. Wifey usually handles these things but she is busy today herself. If I can’t make it in time I will let you know ASAP.
  23. You are worth the wait @SitnHereFlossin but you should have us all out (during the winter) to see the finished jobs.
  24. Answers in - on vacation/BYE week. lol
  25. Find Nornir Chests, Odin's Ravens, Artifacts and more inside the realm of Alfheim in God of War. View the full article
  26. Rocket boosting a 60-ton mech to the top of mountain then raining down missiles on your enemy will never not be cool. At the same time, seeing every single piece of that salvo miss the one body part you were actually aiming for is pretty much the polar opposite of satisfaction. Such are the highs and lows of BattleTech, a turn-based tactics game that has as much exciting flavor as it does an overreliance on infuriating random-number generation. BattleTech is an old and iconic franchise that began on the tabletop, where it spurred the creation of video game series like MechWarrior and MechAssault with its giant walking tanks. Here, in a turn-based setting in which you control a highly customizable lance of four mechs, it feels at home. It’s a thoughtful game that encourages careful planning in both the composition of your mech fighting force and the shots you tell them to take, but some design missteps often rob the execution of that planning of much of its potential impact. Continue reading… View the full article
  27. Gg @SitnHereFlossin I risked the qb sneak and I put the nail in my coffin a gold TE is very hard to stop without a silver atleast SS. I learned how deadly they are in NFL 2k even bronze calabar. Your bronze hb surprised me alot in the 1st half I had to adjust quickly. Your offense was definitely was the toughest I faced all season. GL the rest of the season. As I continue to #trusttheprocess. PS those were the 76 away unis if it confuses anyone the bucs never won a game in them.
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